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Title:Hpyi byin wa ai lam (The origin of witches) with English translation
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Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), L. Hkawn Hpang (speaker), 2017. Hpyi byin wa ai lam (The origin of witches) with English translation. X-WAV/MPEG/XML. KK1-0927 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/5989e6dc85481
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):L. Hkawn Hpang
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Date (W3CDTF):2017-02-13
Date Created (W3CDTF):2017-02-13
Description:Translation (by Maran Seng Pan) This story is about the origin of hpyi (witch), lasawk (vicious witch), and lep (ogress). Long ago, there lived two orphan siblings. They took refuge in the house of an old spirit called Mahtu Mahta Nat because their parents were dead and they didn't have place to stay too. One day, the old spirit said, "Everyday, you two should not just stay at home the whole day. Go and catch the fish by blocking the water flow!" He also gave them taro leaves to use as "Ru" which was used for killing the fish. Moreover, he instructed them to use the taro leaves after pounding and squeezing. They also went out to do as he told. When they arrived at the place where they were going to catch fish, they started pounding the taro leaves. After a while, both of them got itchy and scratched each other. As they were scratching each other, the brother and younger sister did something wrong which they shouldn't do as the siblings. So, the girl got pregnant. When they had got a baby, the old spirit suggested that they should not be lazy at all and they should start working in the shifting field. He also took the responsibility for taking care of the baby. The two siblings lived on like the couple as well. Therefore, the old spirit let them to go and work in the field not to waste their time. When the siblings left home, the baby cried terribly. He coaxed the baby to stop crying but it only stopped awhile. Since it kept crying, he chopped the baby in anger. After that, he made porridge with the baby's meat. He planned to serve it to the two siblings when they got back from the field. And he threw the rest of bones and gristles at the ninth intersection. In the evening, when the couple arrived back home, the girl said, "Grandpa, hand me my baby! I need to feed." The old spirit formed the blankets into figure of sleeping baby in the bed. When the girl asked again for the baby to feed, he said, "You were tired whole day. You two must be starving. I prepared delicious porridge for you. Wash up and eat it first!" The siblings also enjoyed the porridge. After eating, the girl asked for her baby again. She said, "Grandpa, baby must be hungry. Give me my baby! Let me feed!" "The porridge which you just ate was made with your baby's meat. Your baby cried badly. Even though I coaxed your baby, it just stopped for a moment. So, I wasn't patient with it anymore. That's why I chopped it up in anger and cooked porridge with the meat," the old spirit replied. As the two siblings heard it, they cried the whole night. Thus, the old spirit let them go and see the pieces of their baby at the ninth intersection. The next day, they went there. When they reached there, they saw their baby's bones and gristles which were thrown by the old spirit were transformed into witches, ghouls and goblins. Both of them were shocked and cried in sorrow. On their way back home, as the mother was overcome with grief, every flower and plant she looked back became withered. As she passed by and looked back, all the flowers and plants were dried and perished. When the time the old spirit sliced the liver, a slice of it dropped through the gap of bamboo floor. That slice of liver turned into slug. Since the two siblings felt so sorry for what the old spirit did to their baby, they went away from his house. When they arrived at a far place, they were arrested and kept in a cage by the criminals. On the other hand, the slug also left that house and roamed around. When it got to a ravine, it saw a tiger that was drinking water from the stream. As the slug made the water to be turbid, it was chased by the tiger. As it ran, it arrived near the cage where the two siblings were kept. They requested the slug, "Slug, please save us from this cage!" The slug licked and opened the cage door with its mucus. At last, the two siblings were released. Moreover, the story of slug also emerged from the slice of baby's liver. As the old spirit threw the baby's bones and gristles at the intersection, those pieces turned into hpyi (witch), lasawk (vicious witch), and lep (ogress). Lasawk is the spirit which has the flames and becomes bigger if it is lit by the light. Transcription (by Lu Awng) Ya ngai hkai na maumwi gaw ndai hpyu ni, lasawp ni, lep ni byin pru wa ai maumwi re ai. Kalang mi na dai zawn re na jahkrai ma yen nau gaw i hto ndai mahtum mahta dingla wa na nta kaw sa shanu shingbyi nga ten hta shan nau nga shara nlu kanu kawa mung nlu mat ai re majaw mahtum mahta dingla na nta kaw sa shingbyi re she dai kaw nga nga reng gaw mahtum mahta dingla wa gaw tsun ai da, e nan nau wa shani shagu ndai hku na sha ngai kaw sha ndai hku sha nga taw yang gaw nbyin ai. Dai majaw nan nau gaw nga sa hkwi mu madin sa din na nga sa hkwi mu ngu dai hku tsun ai da. Dai majaw madin din matu shan nau hpe e ndai madin nga ndai ru shatai na matu i ndai nai kawng le nai kawng dai hpe e jaw dat ai da. Nai kawng dai hpe jaw dat re na she nan nau gaw ndai hpe e htu ah shup ah dup mani re na me e ru shatai mu yaw ngu dai hku tsun na mahtum mahta dingla dai hku tsun dat ai da. Tsun dat re yang she shan nau gaw mahtum mahta dingla wa shangun ai hte maren sa mat sai da. Oh kaw du yang gaw dai kaw she shanhte dai ru sa galaw ai dai na kawng nai kawng pawt dai gaw sa ah dup re yang she oh dai kaw sa galaw law re yang she gaya wa na hku nga, gaya gaya re she shada mahkyit hkat tai da. Shada mahkyit hkat mahkyit hkat re kaw na gaw dai kaw myit shut wa nna me e shan nau shada gaw hpang jahtum e gaw numsha wa gaw ma gun mat wa ai. Ma gun mat re she ma mung bai lu sai da, ma mung bai lu re she mahtum mahta wa gaw tsun sai da, e ya nan nau ma mung lu sai re majaw gaw nan nau majoi lagawn nga nmai sai yaw, dai majaw nan nau gaw ndai yi galaw sha ra sai, ngu nna mahtum mahta dingla wa gaw dai ma dai yen hpe dai hku tsun dat ai da. Dai majaw nan nau gaw yi sa mu nan nau na ma hpe gaw ah ji dingla woi da ya na hpa hkum tsang mu ngu dai hku tsun ai. Dai hku tsun ai shaloi she kaja wa jahkrai ma dai yen nau mung, jahkrai ma yen nau wa shan la zawn zawn shan htinggaw zawn zawn re mung byin mat wa ai. Ndum shani e ma mung lu mat wa, dai re majaw gaw dai dingla wa mahtum dingla wa gaw shan 2 hpe e nan 2 ya ma mung lu sai re majaw majoi gaman lila nmai nga sai. Nan 2 yi galaw ra sai ngu shani shagu yi sa shangun ai da. Yi sa shangun re yang she dai ma dai gaw hkrap na hku re nga shani, mahtum mahta dingla wa hte nga yang hkrap, hkrap na she mahtum mahta dingla wa gaw ma dai hpe tsun ai da, ngap bu law ngap bu law ngu kade tsun timmung ngap bu ngu tsun ai shaloi hta ma dai gaw ngap mat re re da. Hkrap zim mat ngap mat ai da, dai she ma dai gaw jahkring mi dingla wa tsun ai hkring ai hte gaw ma dai gaw bai hkrap sai, bai hkrap sai re she dingla dai gaw myit ngalu wa na she ma nga dai hpe she ndai hkum hkrang ting hpe she kahtum kahtaw re na kahtam ah zat tawn da na she hpa hpa da sai da. Hpa hpa da re she ndai ma dai yen na shan ni hpe gaw hpa hpa tawn da da, dai ma dai yen na ndai ah sin ni le i, ah sin ni shan ni dai hpe gaw hpa hpa tawn da, shana maga kanu yen kawa wa jang pu ba na re ah lum ah la re na ndai hpa hkap jaw sha na ngu na she kasha na shan hpe gaw hpa hpa tawn da da. Dai na she nra ni ah ngaw ah ngam re nra ah mawm ah mam re ni dai ni hpe re jang gaw hto jahku numshe ngu de e sa kabai kau ai da. Sa kabai kau re she shana de jan du na wa ai shaloi gaw ndai jahkrai ma yen nau yen la ngu yen gaw wa sai da. Wa reng she ndai numsha jan gaw tsun ai da, ah ji ngai ma chyu jaw na ma jaw rit ngu tsun ai da. Dai mahtum mahta dingla wa gaw hto yup ra kaw she nba ni hpe sumpum tawn da ai da. Sumpum tawn da na ndai ma shayup da ai hku na she galaw tawn da na hku nga, hkrang dai hku madun da ai da. Dai hku hkrang madun da re jang she ndai num gaw ah ji e ma mung chyu kan si na sai chyu jaw na ma jaw rit ngu tsun ai da. Hkum rai shi nan 2 shani tup bungli galaw ai pu ba ai re majaw gaw ya kansi na sai kaw si na sai dai majaw gaw nan nau ndai nan 2 na hkum hkrang ni jasan jaseng la ngut jang ndai ah ji grai mu hkra hpa malum tawn da ai ndai hpa naw sha mu yaw dai hku tsun ai da. Dai hku tsun re she ah ji dingla kaw ma hpyi timmung hpa naw sha shangun na she shan nau gaw hpa sha sai da. Hpa sha sha re she hpa sa ngut jang, hpa mung sha hkru sai da, hka ah ji ya hpa sha hkru ngut sai ma jaw rit, ma kawsi na sai, ya nan nau sha ai hpa dai gaw nan 2 na ma re ngu tsun sai da. Shani tup hkrap ai ah ji gaw hkum hkrap ngu tsun timmung shi hkrap ai dai majaw ah ji dingla pawt mayu na shi hpe e kahtum kahtaw di na sat kau na e nan nau hpa hpa jaw da ya ai re ngu tsun ai da. Dai kaw na gaw ndai e hkan nau gaw hkrap sai da, kasha 1 lu da sai hpe dai hku galaw kau ya ngu hkrap, nan nau na kasha hpe mu mayu yang hto jahku numshe de sa yu mu dai 9 numshe de sa yu jang gaw mu na re ngu dai hku tsun ai da. Dai hku tsun she kaja wa sha hpang shani gaw jahku numshe de e dai shannau gaw sa yu ai da. Sa yu re shaloi gaw shi sa kabai ai dai mahtum mahta dingla sa kabai tawn da ai shan hkyep ah ngaw ah ngam ah mawm ni nra ni dai zawn re ni wa she lep ni hkyi ni lasawp ni tai mat ai da. Dai ni tai mat ai kaw she dai hkan nau gaw sa mu la na hku nga. Shan nau na kasha re nga wa dai hku byin taw na shan nau gaw mau na yawn re na she bai wa ai kaw e da ndai kanu ngu na wa gaw shi grai yawn let myi pri si pru let grai yawng let ning ngu mada dat yang gaw shi mata hkrum dat ai tsing ni tsingman ni gaw yawng hkraw kyip mat wa ai da. Dai hku re na shi hkrun lam ting nta du hkra shi grai yawn let wa mada dat ai hpun ni namlaw namlap tsingdu tsingman ni gaw shi mada dat ai ni yang gaw i hkraw kyip mat ai dai zawn re byin mat wa ai da. Dai kaw na she shan 2 dai kaw na wa re yang she ndai mahtum mahta dingla wa gaw i dai sin hkyep hpe e shani mawt ai sinhkyep dai wa she chinghkyen hku kaw lut mat wa ai da, le npu de lut di hkrat mat wa re yang she dai sin hkyep dai wa she ndum shami lapawp tai mat wa ai da law. Lapawp tai na she hkan nau gaw grai npyaw re she hkan nau hpe wa she ndai shan nau gaw dai hku na yawn madai let pru hkawm sa mat wa ai, dai kaw na bai pru mat wa re she hto shara mi kaw du yang she n kaja ai nhkru nshawp ai ni shan nau hpe gyit dun tawn da ma ai da. Hpri dai kaw i gyit dun tawn da re she shan nau dai kaw nga re she dai lapawp dai wa mi she ndum shami wa sa wa ai da. Lapawp she sa wa na she e nang i dai lapawp dai gaw aw sorry lapawp dai gaw i oh hkaraw langai mi kaw du wa yang she sharaw hte hkrum ai da, sharaw hte hkrum re yang she ndai lapawp dai gaw dai sharaw dai gaw i ndai hka lu mayu yang she lapawp e she hka hkanu kau hka hkanu kau re na hku nga, hka hkanu kau re jang she dai sharaw dai gaw pawt mayu re na she hpang jahtum e gaw ndai gara hku ngu na dai lapawp dai hpe i lapawp mung gagat hprang hprawng re na she hpang jahtum e hto kanu yen kawa ngu ai dai hpe e hpri lawng kaw e rim tawn da ai shara kaw she dai lapawp wa du mat wa ai da. Du mat wa reng she e lapawp e chyeju hte an 2 hpe e ndai hpri lawng kaw na hkye la rit law ngu dai hku tsun na lapawp mung shi na panyen ni hte le panyen hte mata ya mata ya re na dai hpri lawng chyinghka wa hpaw mat ai kaw na dai yen mung lawt mat wa ai da. Dai kaw na gaw ndai lapawp byin wa ai lam mung dai jahkrai ma yen nau yen la a ndai sinhkyep kaw na lapawp gaw dai shani kaw na byin wa ai re da. Dai a kasha ni a ah shan ah mawm ah mam ni ndai nrut nra ni, oh dingla wa jahku numshe kaw sa kabai da ai majaw dai shani kaw na grai yawn ai majaw dai sinhkyep ni kaw na mung da, dai kaw na gaw dai hpyi ni, lep ni, lasawp ngu ni, dai kaw na byin pru wa ai re da. Lasawp ngu gaw ndai wan ni chyi dan wa ai baw le i, chyi mi marawn dat jang dai hku wan ni chyi mi chyi taw ai mu jang galaw anhte dat wan hte galaw dan dat jang dai wan wa grau grau shara shagu chyi wa ai e dai hpe gaw lasawp ngu shamying ai re ai da, dai kaw na byin hpang wa ai re da. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
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