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Title:Jan shu mayu ai lam (The origin of the solar eclipse)
Access Rights:Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), L. Lu Lu Awng (speaker), 2017. Jan shu mayu ai lam (The origin of the solar eclipse). X-WAV/MPEG/XML. KK1-0490 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/59889674a85e7
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):L. Lu Lu Awng
Coverage (Box):northlimit=27.331; southlimit=23.137; westlimit=95.335; eastlimit=98.498
Coverage (ISO3166):MM
Date (W3CDTF):2017-02-08
Date Created (W3CDTF):2017-02-08
Description:Summary: Long ago, there was a village where night never fell. One day, an old woman and her grandson from the village went to pick pennyworts (Hydrocotyle asiatica). They picked them for two days without sleeping because there were no nights. Then suddenly it got dark. When they investigated the cause, they found a frog with a large belly, round and shining, and thought that it got dark because the frog swallowed the sun. Since that day, the days and nights have been distinguished. Nights have begun to fall when the frog moves his belly. Transcription: Ya ngai tsun na maumwi gaw ndai ningsin byin wa ai lam ngu hta shu gaw ndai jan hpe mayu kau ai lam hpe ngai hku na tsun na hku re. Moi shawng de da mare langai mi nga ai da. Dai mare hta gaw da ningsin ngu nnga ai majaw da dai shanhte na mare shinggyim masha ni hku na yup hkring sa la na aten wa nnga taw ai da. Dai mare kaw gaw da ningsin ngu nnga ai majaw dai mare salang gaw da gara hku htuk da ai i nga yang dai hpe hkying 10 gaw masha ni na yup hkring sa la na aten re ai i hkying 10 du hkra yup hkring sa la na aten nga ai. Anhte i lamana jahpawt kaw gaw nmai yup ai ngu tsun yang anhte ndai kaw nga ai shinggyim masha ni gaw yup nlu yup na si mat ai baw sha rai na re dai majaw hkying 10 gaw yup hkring sa la na aten re nga na shi gaw dai hku htuk da ai da. Lani mi na aten hta da shanhte i dai ndai dinggai ma yen gaw hparang gaw sa ai aten hta da hparang ni oh gaw sa ai da, shanhte na mare gaw i hparang ni gaw sa ai shaloi hparang ni grai law hkar lu jang shanhte sha nmai sha ai da. Nta htingbu grup grup hpe jaw ra ai da. Dai hku jaw ra ai majaw i hparang ni grai law hkra gaw gaw gaw gaw gaw nga yang she shanhte na mare gaw shani sha nga ai re majaw da 2 ya dang gaw tim shani sha rai shi ai da, shana nna ai da. Shana nna re she i dai shaloi wa she kalang ta nyip nga i kalang ta chyang mat tai, chyang mat re kalang ta nsin tai mat ai, shanhte gaw mau har ndai i hpa a majaw rai nga na mahtai tam ai. Mahtai tam re shaloi i shu langai mi gaw da shi na ndai shu kaba law shu langai mi gaw da ndai shi na ndai kan kaw din ai din ai rai rawng taw ai zawn shi na kan ah htoi rai taw ai hpe shi mu ai da. Ahtoi re hpe shi mu re ndai i masha ni gaw i yu i, yu yu yu wan kawk ni hte ah tsawm di yu ai shaloi shnahte na ndai du shamu la ai lam gaw i shu gaw ndai jan hpe mayu kau ai majaw ndai jan ndai ningsin nga mat ai ngu hku i shanhte gaw ndai hku shadu la ai da. Dai hku shadu nna she shanhte gaw i mare salang hpe sa tsun ai da, mare salang anhte na mare buga hta ningsin ngu gaw nga sai ngu tsun ai da. Ningsin ngu nga dai hku nga sai tsun ai shaloi ndai mare salang ni ma grai pyaw ai da, grai pyaw na shahte hpe san ai da, nanhte gara hku na chye ai i ngu na dai hku tsun tsun tsun tsun tsun re na dai gaw i anhte ndai ningsin nga ai gaw i shu ni a chyeju re ai i, dai majaw anhte ni hku na shu gaw hpa na ndai ningsin hpe gara hku na lu chye galaw ai wa nga na san ai shaloi ndai anhte ndai lani mi na hparang gaw sa ai ten hta ndai jan wa i an na ndai kaw jan ndai hku i nga taw ai shaloi jan wa kalang ta npu de yu na kalang ta nyip nga mat ai da. Dai shaloi da anhte ni ndai hkawm hkawm hkawm hkawm re shaloi da shu langai mi gaw da kaba law shi na ndai kan yang gaw ndai din ai rai hpe ma-ut bang da ai zawn rai na dai kan kaw htoi taw ai hpe mu ai i, ndai jan gaw ndai shu gaw dai jan hpe ma-ut kau ai gaw i kaja wa nan rai taw sai dai majaw ndai shana hpe galaw ya ai gaw ndai jan re aw ndai shu re. Dai hku tsun ai da, dai hku tsun ai kaw na da dai shani kaw nna jan hpe shi ma-ut kau sai majaw da jan a hpa ngu na i jan a nhtoi n gun nnga sai le i jan a nhtoi n gun nnga sai shu na ndai kan kaw na she pru ai dai nhtoi hte hkring jang bai sin mat bai nhtoi dai bai sin dat na ya anhte ni gaw i ya htoi taw sai yahkring gaw mang sa na i dai hku dai shani kaw nna dai prat kaw na da ndai shu gaw jan hpe mayu kau ai dai shaloi kaw na da ya anhte gaw da nhtoi nga ai shana nga ai nhtoi nga ai shana nga ai re da. Lamana shu she ndai jan hpe n ma-ut kau jang gaw da anhte shinggyim masha ni hku na yup hkring sa la na aten nnga ai sha bungli sha galaw bungli sha galaw dai hku na nga ra na re da. Dai kaw na i ndai nsin hte nhtoi ngu gaw garan gyinghka ai i nga ai re da. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
Format:Digitised: no Media: Audio
Identifier (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/KK1/0490
Language (ISO639):kac
Rights:Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Subject:Kachin language
Subject (ISO639):kac
Subject (OLAC):language_documentation
Table Of Contents (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/KK1/0490/KK1-0490-A.wav
Type (DCMI):Sound
Type (OLAC):primary_text


Archive:  Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC)
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Citation: Keita Kurabe (compiler); Keita Kurabe (depositor); L. Lu Lu Awng (speaker). 2017. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC).
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