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Title:Hpun sakse tai ya ai lam (A tree was a witness) with English translation
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Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), M. Nan Doi (speaker), 2017. Hpun sakse tai ya ai lam (A tree was a witness) with English translation. X-WAV/MPEG/XML. KK1-0314 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/59889388d12f8
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):M. Nan Doi
Coverage (Box):northlimit=27.331; southlimit=23.137; westlimit=95.335; eastlimit=98.498
Coverage (ISO3166):MM
Date (W3CDTF):2017-01-31
Date Created (W3CDTF):2017-01-31
Description:Translation (Htoi Awng) Now, I am going to tell a story and the title of the story is "A tree was a witness". Long time ago, there was an orphan boy in a village. He got some amount of money after he worked hard. In the past, people use coins as their money. So, it was heavy. One day, he wanted to go somewhere very far. He could not take all the money because those were very heavy for him to carry. Then, he decided to let his neighbor who was an old man keep his money. He said, "Grandpa! I am going somewhere really far from here. Can you keep my money while I am not here?" And then he went. After many years, he came back and asked the grandpa about his money. He said, "Grandpa! Can I get back my money which I let you keep?" The grandpa had bad mind and wanted to take those money. He told the boy, "I don't know what you are talking about? When did you give me? Do not ever tell me like that! I never took your money." He did not want to give the money back to the boy. The orphan boy was very sad and went to a judge. He said, "Please, help me! Can you tell the grandpa to give my money back? He denied the fact that I gave my money to him to keep." Then, the judge came and told them to talk about that. The poor boy said that he gave. But the grandpa denied that. So, the judge asked the boy, "Was there a witness when you gave the money?" The poor boy answered, "There was no person, but there was a tree. We made the deal under that tree, and that tree is still there." The judge said, "Then, go and call that tree to come here." The boy said, "How can I take the tree here? The tree is sprouting there. It can't walk." The judge said, "Don't worry! Just call the tree, and it will move." While he was going to call the tree where they gave money under it, the grandpa and the judge were chatting. After a while, the judge asked the grandpa, "Did the kid arrive at the tree?" The grandpa answered inadvertently, "May be, he was driven away by God. He could not reach there yet. That tree is a little bit far away from here." Then, the judge knew right away. The grandpa couldn't lie that the boy really gave him the money under the tree. He was ashamed. The judge said, "You couldn't lie anymore. Did the boy give the money to you or not?" At that moment, the poor boy came back there. Then the judge told, "The witness which is the tree has reached here before you." This is the end of the story. God won't allow to deceive and commit fraud on the others. God can change the bad mindset and make the miracle things. Thanks so much. Transcription (Lu Awng) Ya ahdwi maumwi langai mi hkai dan na hpun langai mi sak se tai ya ai lam maumwi a gabaw gaw dai re. Hpun langai mi gaw sak se tai ya ai lam re, moi kalang mi ndai kanu kawa nlu mat sai jahkrai ma la kasha langai gaw shi bungli shakut nna gumhpraw tam ai shaloi gumhpraw loi mi lu ai da. Dia gumhpraw hpe shi gaw hto grai tsan ai de shi bai hkawm mayu ai shaloi moi na gumhpraw gaw ndai dingga re majaw grai li ai. Dai majaw shi gumhpraw li ai majaw shi hkawm ai de nlu gun ai majaw shanhte htingbu langai mi asak kaba sai jidwi langai hpe shi gaw ap da ai da. Jidwi e ya ngai grai tsan ai de gan hkawm na re, ndai ngai na gumhpraw la da rit ngu nan gumhpraw majaw hpe jidwi hpe ap da ai da. Dai jidwi hpe ap da na shi gaw hkawm mat wa. Hkawm mat wa na tsawm ra mi na ai hpang shi bai wa re shaloi shi gaw dai gaji dwi hpe jidwi e ngai ap da ai gumhpraw bai la na ngu ai da. Dai shaloi dai dingla wa gaw myit magaw rawng ai majaw matsan ai ma na gumhpraw hpe majoi la kau ya mayu ai, dai majaw e ngai nchye ai nang na gumhpraw gara kaw galoi jaw ai ngai hpe dan nga hkum tsun ngai na gumhpraw nla da ai ngu nna grai ningdang ai da. Nkam jaw mat ai da, dai shaloi ndai matsan ai ma jahkrai ma kanu kawa nlu sai jahkrai ma gaw shi grai myit npyaw ai majaw tara agyi langai kaw sa ai da. Tara agyi hpe naw tsun ya rit lo ndai jidwi hpe ngai gumhpraw majaw tawn da ai wa shi gaw nkam jaw mat ai majaw ya njaw ai nga na ngai hpe e dai hku ningdang ai, dai majaw gaw naw tsun garum rit lo ngu na tara agyi hpe sa tsun yang gaw tara agyi gaw sa wa nna gai gai gai nan a lam tsun dan rit ngu shaloi gaw dai ma gaw jaw da ai lam tsun, ndai dingla wa gaw njaw ai ngai hpe n jaw ai nga na ningdang re shaloi gaw gai nan 2 dai gumhpraw jaw hkat ai shaloi sak se nnga ai i, kadai manang langai ngai nnga i ngu yang gaw dai ma gaw sakse masha gaw nnga ai law raitim hpun langai a npu kaw re hpun dai gaw ya mung naw tu ai ngu ai da. Dai shaloi dai tara agyi wa gaw gai gai reng gaw nang dai hpun dai hpe sa shaga wa rit ngu ai da. E dai ma gaw e hpun gaw tu nga ai she re gaw nang de gaw gara hku nmai shaga wa ai lam nlu hkawm ai hpun gaw tu nga ai she re ngu yang she nre sa su sa su hkawm na ra ai sa shaga wa rit ngu ai da. Dai shaloi dai ma gaw sa mat wa sai hpun shan jawt hkat ai shara hpun tu ai de sa mat wa re nna tara agyi wa gaw ndai jidwi wa myitsu wa hte rau nga taw kaga ni jahta rai na shaga nga yang she tara agyi wa gaw hpaji hku na loi mi na ai shaloi dai jidwi dingla hpe san dat ai da. E ma ndai hpun dai de du sai kun i ya ten du sai kun ngu san dat ai da. Dai shaloi dai dingla wa gaw ndum shami wa she karai kasang gaw shi e shadut dat ai hku rai nga. E garai ndu na re hpun dai loi mi tsan ai ngu tsun dat ai da. Dai shaloi ndai dingla wa gaw e kalang ta tara agyi wa gaw chye sai. Ndai hpun kaw shan 2 sakse shatai da ai hpun npu kaw re lam ndai dingla wa nmai magap mat ai lam chye kau ai majaw ndai dingla wa mung mi man ni sum re na gai nang hpe tengman ai lam karai kasang gaw anhte hpe hpan da ai karai kasang gaw nang hpe ya gaya jahkrum sai, gara hku teng ai i nteng ai i dai ma gumhpraw jaw da ai lam ngu na tsun hkat nga yang dai ma mung bai gat du wa ai da, du wa nna gai ma e nang garai nwa shi yang nan sakse galaw ai hpun kaw nang shawng de du wa sai gaw, anhte man kaw du wa sai gaw ngu tsun dan ai da. E maumwi gaw dai kaw htum sai, masha ntsa maplu mapsha njaw n-ang ai hku la mayu jang karai kasang nhkraw ai. Myit hpe dai hku nhkraw ai sha gayin kau ya lu ai re ngu na ah dwi hku na maimwi hkai dan ai, chyeju kaba sai. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
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Identifier (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/KK1/0314
Language (ISO639):kac
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Subject:Kachin language
Subject (ISO639):kac
Subject (OLAC):language_documentation
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Citation: Keita Kurabe (compiler); Keita Kurabe (depositor); M. Nan Doi (speaker). 2017. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC).
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