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Title:Nyau Nang Bya sharaw hpe masu ai lam (The cat Nang Bya cheated a tiger) with English translation
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Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), W.La Tawng (speaker), 2017. Nyau Nang Bya sharaw hpe masu ai lam (The cat Nang Bya cheated a tiger) with English translation. MPEG/X-WAV. KK1-0221 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/598891f5e1832
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):W.La Tawng
Coverage (Box):northlimit=27.331; southlimit=23.137; westlimit=95.335; eastlimit=98.498
Coverage (ISO3166):MM
Date (W3CDTF):2017-01-27
Date Created (W3CDTF):2017-01-27
Description:Translation (Seng Pan) The story is about a cat and a tiger. Like mouse and cat, they also do not get along. Long ago, a tiger didn't know how to hunt the prey. Whenever he tried to hunt, the preys always could escape from him. But the cat could catch not only mice but also hens. So, he wanted to ask how the cat caught so well. He said, "Cat, even though we are not the same in size, our appearances, claws, and canines are similar. We are almost alike. Even how we walk is exactly the same. Only the size is different. That's why we are relatives. So, teach me how to hunt the preys!" The cat accepted his request but he lied him. He was Cat Nang Bya (the name of animal which always teases and lies others). He said, "Brother tiger, when you see a prey, wag quickly and hit the ground with your tail. Then the prey will look at you vacantly. That time you jump and bite it. For me, I also wag my tail and hit the ground with it. When the mouse or hen looks at me vacantly, I jump on and kill it." The tiger trusted what he said. When the time the tiger saw a prey, he wagged his tail quickly. As his tail was big, it made a big sound "Buk Buk". Then, the prey ran from him immediately. The tiger got really angry at him. So now if the tiger sees the cat, he kills and eats it. Till today, when the tiger gets the smell of meat, he wags and hits the ground with his tail. When he does it, all the preys near him run away. So, sometimes if the tiger doesn't have meat to eat, he even has the soil. He cannot stand feeling hungry. As the cat lied, till today the tiger wags and hits the ground with his tail when he sees the prey. Translacription (Lu Awng) Nyau hte sharaw a maumwi re, nyau hte sharaw mung mi yu hte nyau hte loi loi bung ai, sharaw gaw shan hkwi sha n chye ai da, shi shan hkwi sa wa yang she, hprawng mat hprawng mat re na hku nga shan ni, koi deng nyau re gaw yu mung rim ai u mung rim ai grai chye rim ai, de gara hku rim ai re nyau hpe san na re ngu ai da dai majaw e nyau e nang hte an lahkawng gaw hkum hkrang kaji kaba mi n bung tim hkrang bung ai, nsam anhte anhte yu wa kawn tu ai ni bung ai la-myin magra ni bung ai an yawng hkum hkrang hkawm ai du hkra mung bung ai an lahkawng gaw hkum hkrang kaji kaba sha n bung ai anhte jinghku ni rai ga ai, dai majaw nang yu ni nang shan gara hku rim sha ai ngai hpe mung sharin ya rit ngu na hku rai nga, nyau gaw mai sai ngu da, mai sai ngu ti nyau gaw masu na hku rai nga nyau nan bra rai na hku nga ndai, sharaw ye hpu e hkau e nang shan mu ai shaloi, kaning di na nga yang na na mai ga de abuk dat u, buk buk buk buk di dai loi shan ni mau mau re na ra ai, dai shaloi nang sa ti kyet di sha u. Dai hku sha re ngai mung yu mu ai hte mai abuk dat ai yu mau mau re ai shaloi ngai kyet, u kasha mu yang ngai mai abuk dat yang u ni mau mau re ngai kyet di sha rim sha re ngu sharaw gaw rai sam ai ngu na she, shan mu ai hte mai tsan abuk dat na hku nga, sharaw mai gaw bai kaba buk buk nga de hprawng ti swi shan langai sha hpa bai n lu rim sha ai hku nga, dai majaw dai n nyau hpe sharaw mung grai pawt ai dai, mu yang sat sha kau ai hku nga dai majaw dai ni du hkra sharaw gaw kaja wa ndai wa dai ni du hkra sharaw grai ju ai shara hkan ni masha bat manam ai hte sharaw gaw shan bat manam ai hte mai abuk ai dai ni gaw ya hkra anhte sharaw gaw nam de naw abuk rawng mai buk buk buk nga dai mai abuk ai hte gaw yawng hprawng mat sai, dai majaw sharaw rawn ba gaw shan n sha lu yang kalang lang shi gaw ga tim sha na nga ai hku nga hkansi n hkam na ga tim sha, ndai gaw yu yi masu sha, yu yi maw ai majaw shi gaw dai ni hkra mai sha hpa mu yang mai abuk ai re da. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
Format:Digitised: no Media: Audio
Identifier (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/KK1/0221
Language (ISO639):kac
Rights:Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Subject:Kachin language
Subject (ISO639):kac
Subject (OLAC):language_documentation
Table Of Contents (URI):http://catalog.paradisec.org.au/repository/KK1/0221/KK1-0221-A.mp3
Type (DCMI):Sound
Type (OLAC):primary_text


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Citation: Keita Kurabe (compiler); Keita Kurabe (depositor); W.La Tawng (speaker). 2017. Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures (PARADISEC).
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