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Title:Lagut a lam (The thief) with English translation
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Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), L. Chang Myaw (speaker), 2016. Lagut a lam (The thief) with English translation. X-WAV/MPEG/XML. KK1-0025 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/59888f187859d
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):L. Chang Myaw
Coverage (Box):northlimit=27.331; southlimit=23.137; westlimit=95.335; eastlimit=98.498
Coverage (ISO3166):MM
Date (W3CDTF):2016-12-10
Date Created (W3CDTF):2016-12-10
Description:Translation (by Maran Seng Pan) Once upon a time, there was a kind-hearted couple. They were pure and simple inside and out. In those days, there were many thieves in their country. So, the head officers were instructed to arrest them by the government. The government also announced that those who caught any one of them would get $20,000. One day, a thief who stole around the city entered the kind couple's house. The thief's hair, beard, and mustache were all white. When the couple saw him, they asked who he was. He answered them, "I am God of fire. Whatever you offer me, I will make it into double." They were so grateful and carpeted a place for him to sleep. Moreover, they also served sticky rice cakes for dinner. Then, the thief said, "Now, put your previous things near me! Tomorrow it will increase in double. So, bring your gold and jewelry to me." Since the wife was smart, she put one bag of potatoes and a package of onions and garlic near him. The next morning, the thief who pretended as God of Fire, went out from the house before the couple woke up in the very early morning. When they got up, the God of Fire was not there anymore. And the potatoes, garlic, and onion packs were also not there anymore. But they saw a bag of jewelry on the carpet where he slept. Then the wife said cheerfully, "Honey, God of fire told us that he would make the things that we gave into double. Now you see it! He endowed us with a lot of gold and jewelry. And he took all the potatoes and others which I put near him." The husband responded, "Yes! This would be a blessing for us." By wearing the jewelry like necklace, foot chain, they boasted about what they'd received along the street. Owners of the jewelry complained to them that the jewelry which they were wearing, was their missing jewelry. Then, the couple explained that the jewelry was given by God of Fire who visited them and they did not steal. Thus, those owners reported the case to the police. The couple was inspected and the police let them open when whom they called God of Fire knocked on the door because they knew he would surely come back to take the jewelry. However, the couple couldn't believe what the police said because they still accepted it as their blessing. On the other hand, the police also firmly warned them that he would surely come and take back the things that he had stolen. While the couple was waiting for the thief at home and the police were also peeking for him from the corner, the thief appeared at night. The police arrested him quickly and took him to prison. Thereafter, the host couple gave the jewelry to the police. In that case, the police assumed the couple deserved the jewelry. So, they let them take all since the thief left in their house. Moreover, they also received $20,000 as the prize from the government because they helped them in the process. Since they were so pure and kind, they became wealthier than before. Transcription (by Lu Awng) Moi shawng de ndai grai myitsu ai madu jan mung madu wa mung myitsu grai myit su ai nta langai mi nga ai da. Dai mungdan kaw gaw grai lagu lagut masha grai law ai grai sumpum ai majaw ndai lagut kaba ni hpe ningbaw ni hpe rim na matu ndai asoya ni gaw shanhte hpe jahtau da ai da. Ndai lu rim yang gaw anhte ndai adabyar mun 2 jaw na ndai lu rim ai lagut wa hpe lu rim ai ni hpe gaw ngu na kyawnyar da ai da. Shaloi lani mi hta ndai shara magup lagu hkawm ai ndai lagut kaba gaw ndai grai myitsu ai manu mana myit galu kaba ai nta kaw shi gaw sa shang ai da. Shaloi she shi gaw myi kawng mun mung hpraw ai da kara ni hpraw ai, nhka mun ni yawng hpraw e nang gaw kadai ta ngu, ngai gaw wan nat re lo, wan na nat re dai majaw nta madu ni hpa ra yang ngai hpa shaman ya lu ai wa re ngu na shi gaw dai hku tsun ai da. E dai re yang gaw rai sai nang gaw grai chyeju kaba sai ngu na oh panep ni kawzaw panep ni nep ya ru di bapa ni pa na grai dai shana jahkum na shi hpe shayup ai da. Shaloi shi tsun ai da ya nanhte lu ai sut gan nang nye makau kaw sa tawn da mu shaloi gaw nanhte dai na htam mi tawn da gaw hpawt de gaw htam 2 byin na re dai majaw i e sa tawn da mu ja rai ni gumhpraw rai ni sa da mu ngu na tsun ai da. Shaloi gaw nta madu jang gaw grai zen ai majaw nta madun jan gaw arrlu htuk mi hte ndai shakau hpraw shakau hkyeng htuk mi sa tawn da ya ai da. Shaloi gaw dai wan nat ngu na lagut kaba gaw dai kaw sa nga nna she jahpawt de myi mu nmu yang gaw nta madu ni karai nrawt yang shi gaw rawt nna she chyinghka hpaw nna pru mat wa ai. Dai hpang e nta madu jang yen madu wa rawt wa yang gaw e shan a arrlu htuk ni nnga mat nta madu ni rawt wa ai shaloi gaw manam wa ma nng mat manam wa na yup ra kaw yu yang gaw ja sumpum sumbe di tawn da da. Shaloi gaw nta madu jang gaw tsun ai da e nye dingla wa e ya an 2 mana htam mi kaw htam 2, 2 jat na nga ya nang ja sumpum sumbe majaw ting an hpe shaman da ya sa. Ya an tawn da ai arrlu ni ndai shakau ni gaw yawng shi hta la mat sai ngu na tsun dan da. Rai sai rai sai an hpe ning re chyeju jaw ai ngu na dai mung galu hkawm hto e manaw manang hte dai hku tsun dan oh ra tsun dan ndai tsun dan kachyi ni gali nang lahkawn da lagaw lahkawn ni da dai hku hkawn hkawm she masha ni gaw tsun ai e ndai ngai na nta kaw mat ai she nan nu ni wa lang ai i e an nu ni kaw yahte wan nat nga ai ndai hkungga nawng jau ai wa sa nna ndai wa sa shaman da ya ai she re law ngu tsun ai da. Shaloi gaw madu ni gaw ndai asoya ni hpe tsun dan na asoya ni gaw shana e ya ndai nan kaw sa ai wa gaw lagut kaba rai sai dai majaw anhte gaw shi hpe makoi nna yu nga na re dai majaw nan mung chyinghka hpaw mu nga jang nan sa hpaw mu yaw ngu na tsun dan da ai da. E nsa sana shan hte grai shaman da ya sai nsa sa na re ngu tsun ai da. E sa na shi na shara magup na lagu ai ja htuk ni sa da ya ai re majaw gaw shi ndai bai sa la na ra ai ngu tsun ai da. Shaloi she kaja asoya ni dai hku hkap nga yang shi gaw sa ai da sa wa jang gaw ah ga a pya da ni hpyen la ni shi hpe rim la nna e htawng de woi mat wa ai da. Dai majaw dai nta madu ni gaw shaloi ndai ya ja kachyi ni ja rai ni oh lahkawn ni hpa ni ndai gara hku di na i ngu da e dai gaw ndai lagut wa nan hpe tawn da ya sai majaw nan2 lu gying nna lu sai rai ngu dai mung yawng shan hpe jaw ai da. Re nna adabyar mun 2 jaw na ngu asoya ndai mung ndai lagut kaba hpe lu rim la majaw shan hpe shagrau sha-a nna shan2 hpe jaw ai da. Shan 2 gaw grai sumnum sumdi myitsu myit gawp na lu ai hta grau na jat ai da maumwi dai kaw htum sai. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
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