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Title:Shi manga ning na yang si ra ai la kasha a lam (Young man who had to die after 15 years) with English translation
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Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), L. Chang Myaw (speaker), 2016. Shi manga ning na yang si ra ai la kasha a lam (Young man who had to die after 15 years) with English translation. X-WAV/MPEG/XML. KK1-0011 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/59888edbe1b7c
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):L. Chang Myaw
Coverage (Box):northlimit=27.331; southlimit=23.137; westlimit=95.335; eastlimit=98.498
Coverage (ISO3166):MM
Date (W3CDTF):2016-12-09
Date Created (W3CDTF):2016-12-09
Description:Translation (by Maran Seng Pan) A long time ago, there was a poor young man. Even though he worked hard like others, it was still hard for him to survive. Whatever he did, was not successful. So, he was disappointed with himself and he didn't want to live in a poor life anymore. That's why he was feeling suicidal. While he was thinking about how to commit suicide, he mumbled, "Where can I commit suicide? Should I go to the river and jump into the water? Or where else?" And he went out to find the place. On the way, he met with an old man who was Grim Reaper. The old man asked him, "Young man, where are you going to?" "Grandpa, I don't want to be alive anymore. So, now I am searching for ways to commit suicide," the young man answered. Then, the old man questioned him again, "Why do you want to die? Young man like you shouldn't die. An old man like me whose hair is completely gray, whose body is not strong anymore, should die. The man like you is still young and strong. " "Grandpa, I have done so many works to be rich. I did the works, from which other people could earn money easily but when I tried, I failed. It's even hard for me to afford food for myself. That's why I want to die," he explained. The old man responded, "Ok! I've got your point. But try to live 15 years more! Because you still need 15 years to reach your time of death. If you want to commit suicide, you can do it at that time." Besides, he also gave a bow and 7 arrows to the young man since he moaned about how he was going to live in poor life. And the old man told him, "You can ask for whatever you want after you shot an arrow. The things you asked would come true. But when you shoot, each arrow must hit the target." Then, the poor young man took it and went back home. When he arrived home, he wanted to try it that did work or not. So, he wished, "I want the best suit and a pair of shoes," and shot an arrow. At that moment, all the things he wished came true. He was amazed and accepted that it was real. Therefore, he wished to have house, money, farms and servants. He shot the arrows one by one and at last, he got all. Soon after, he got married and enjoyed his life. He lived on that life until one night he dreamed of the old man whom he met when the time he tried to commit suicide. He was shocked and realized that he had just left 5 days to reach 15 years of time. But, he did not want to die anymore. So, he seriously planned to avoid the old man. Finally, he had got an idea that was to escape to the sea. He decided to build a big box where a person and food could fit in. After he finished building it, he put enough amount of food for one month into the big box. Then, he fit himself into the box and let his servants send it to the sea. But one end of copper wire was tied to the box and another end was tied to the tree on the land. He told them that he was going to stay inside the big box for 30 days. He also let them come and take him out soon after 30 days. Two days before his lifespan ended, the old man, Grim Reaper, looked for the poor man. He went to the poor man's village but the poor man was not there. He was amazed and said, "When the time I met this poor man last 15 years, he really wanted to die. But now It's time for him to go to the afterlife and I looked for him in the mountains, in the valley but I couldn't find him anywhere. For the last time, let me just go and seek for him near the sea." Along with that thought, he went to the beach. However, he didn't see him on the beach as well. Since he couldn't find the poor man in anywhere, he felt discouraged and planned to take a rest under a tree that was in his sight. While he was walking toward there, he was caught on something and fell. It was tiny copper wire. Since he was curious about what it was for and he pulled it. As he pulled out, it was a big box. He hit the box with his elbow and opened it. Inside, he saw the poor man. As soon as the poor man saw him, he knelt down, and he begged not to let him die by holding the old man's legs tightly. The old man told him, "Poor young man, it is your time now. There is no way to let you avoid this. And I had been looking for you for 3 days. I also really struggled to find you." Since the old man didn't accept what he was begging for, he said that he wanted to meet his family for the last time and he ran to his home. Even he ran so fast, pitifully, he fell and died on the way where was still so far from his home. Transcription (by Lu Awng) Moi shawng de grai matsan ai la kasha langai mi nga ai da. Dai lasha gaw masha ni bungli grai galaw nna shi mung bungli grai galaw timmung nlu sha ai. Hpa galaw tim shi n awng dang ai hpa galaw tim shi nlu na, ngai gaw myit htum sai mungkan ga ngai gaw nkam nga mat sai ndai ram ram jamjau ai matsan ai gaw ngai nkam nga sai dai majaw ndai si lam tam na re ngu si lam sa tam ai da. Hto tam hkawm gara hku si mat na kun ganing di dau si na kun shing nrai gaw hka de di hkrat si na kun, wan hkat si na kun, lama ma gaw si na re. Ngai nkam nga ai ngu na hkawm mat wa ai shaloi grai tsan ai kaw dingla baw ah hpraw re dingla langai mi hte sa hkrum ai da. Dingla wa gaw ndai si jahpan jum ai dingla wa re da. Dai dingla wa brang wa re nang kanang de sa ai ngu tsun ai da, e ah jum e ngai gaw mungkan ga nkam nga na si lam tam ai shabrang wa re ngu tsun ai da. Ah ga a nanhte zawn re shabrang asak naw kaji ai ni gaw nmai si ai gaw anhte ah jum ni zawn re kara mung hpraw hkumhkrang ni mung hpa shamu shamawt nmai sai ndai ni she si mai ai gaw nanhte ni gaw wa ngan wa ga she re hpa majaw si mayu i ngu tsun she, ah jum e ngai gaw mungkan ga kaw hpa galaw timmung n awng dang ai hpa sha sa galaw masha lu ai nga sa galaw tim nlu ai ngai lu sha pyi nlu sha ai shat pyi nlu sha ai grai matsan ai majaw ngai si mayu ai re ngu da. E shaloi gaw nang hpa nra ai nang shaning 15 ning naw wa nga u na aten ma 15 ning daram naw ra ai dai majaw nang 15 ning daram naw wa nga nna e mungkan ga e si mayu tim dai ten she si u yaw ngu tsun dat ai da. Shaloi ya ngai grai matsan ai gaw ya ngai gara hku di na e ah jum gaw nang hpe ndai (myar) 7 ndai jaw dat na ndai ndan (myar) 7 hpe e kalang mi gap yang lama mi kalang mi gap yang lama mi kalang pyi nshut hkra dai sanit hte mahkra hpe nang wa gap nna nang ra ai baw hpyi la u yaw ngu tsun da. Shaloi she shi gaw wa sai da, wa re na shi nga ai nta de wa nna she ga ya ngai hpa mung hpyi u she nga gaw ngai bu hpun palawng grai hkyikhkam ai labu da palawng da e ndai hkyep din da ra ai ngu nna shi ndai (myar) langai mi ndai gap dat ai da. Shaloi gaw dai ni yawng pru wa ai da, aw rai sai ah jum tsun ai grai she jaw sai ngu na shi gaw kalang mi gaw dum nta ni kalang mi gaw sut gan ni kalang mi gaw ndai mayam la mayam num hkau hting hkau na manu mana sahte mat ai da. Grai lu grai lu na e num mung la nna grai pyaw hkra nga da. Shaloi she shaning 15 ning du na 5 ya daram ra yang she ndai e si jahpan jum ai ah jum dingla wa hpe shi yup mang mu ai, yup mang raw sha mu jang dai shaloi shi kajawng ai aw ngai hpe 15 ning wa nga u nga tsun dat ai wa ya 15 ning hpring nna gaw ya nhtoi 5 ya sha ra sai majaw ngai gara hku di sa na i ngu shi gaw grai myit yu nna she e ngai panglai de makoi na re dai majaw ngai gaw ndai sadek kaba langai mi nta langai mi gap nna she dai kaw ndai ntsu ai malu masha mahkra bang nna shata mi tup na matu yawng bang hpang mung yawng bang yawng bang tawn da nna ngai gaw panglai de makoi na re ngu na shi gaw dai hku myit ai. Shi na ndai shangun ma ni hpe e hpri kasha kachyi sha re (chyenan) sumri dai hte e lang rai nna le panglai de sa nna panglai ka-ang kaw dai sa bang shangun nna she dai hpyi sumri kachyi sha re hpe gaw nang hka kau de ndai panglai hka kau de hpun langai mi tu ai dai kaw wa gyit da shangun nna nanhte nhtoi 30 ya rai jang ndai ngai hpe sa shaw la mu yaw ya ngai gaw hka mung nmai shang e malu masha mung hkum hkra oxygen ndai nsa nbung bung ai baw mung yawng lu sai re majaw ngai shata mi tup ndai panglai kaw rawng na shata mi du ai hte nanhte ngai hpe sa shaw la mu yaw ngu na tsun da ai da. Shaloi she nhtoi gaw du wa sai da nhtoi gaw 2 ya daram sha ra sai da. Shaloi gaw ndai si ai ndai jahpan jum ai wa gaw ndai ma ndai shabrang ma ndai matsan shabrang ma ndai gaw moi pyi si mayu ai nga ya mare kaw sa yu yang mung nnga bum karaw hkan sa yu mung nnga hka shi hkawam hkan sa yu tim nnga gara kaw sa yu tim nnga lungpu lung hkan gara kaw sa yu tim nnga ganang de sa mat ai kun raitim mung ya shi aten gaw hpawt ni rai wa sai re majaw hpawt de gaw ngai shi hpe ndai panglai kaw sa tam yu na re ngu panglai kaw sa tam tim panglai kaw nmu ai da. Gara kaw mung nmu reng she ndai myen hku gaw ( tay min shar thu ) nga shakap da nga dai wa gaw shi myit htum nna ndai hpun pawt langai mi kaw nga ai kaw gaw naw wa sa la na re ngu nna she dai kaw wa sa na matu sa wa gaw hpri sumri kaw shi lagaw dau nna she hpri sumri dai hpe bang chyu gang gang chyu gang yang gaw tsawm ra myi kaba ai sadek zawn re nta kaba langai mi she gang shale kau jang ndai kaw gaw hpa baw rawng ai i ngu lata hte lahtum nna she shaga dat yang gaw dai moi na grai matsan ai shabrang wa dai wa she rawng taw ai da. Dai nna she ndai e ah jum hpe shi gaw lagaw da lata da mahkra hpe jum nna ah jum e ngai nkam si shi ai ngai hpe hkum si shangun u dai ni na nhtoi gaw aten du sai hkum si shangun nu ah jum e dai majaw ngai hpe naw she shalawt ya rit chyeju hte naw shalaw ya rit ngu nna shi gaw dai hku grai tsun ai da. Rai timmung dai wa gaw na aten du sai gaw na aten ai kaw na gaw gara hku tim ngai nshalawt mai sai. Ngai gaw ndai si ai jahpan jum ai wa re majaw ngai gaw ndai na aten du nna ngai pyi gaw grai 2, 3 ya nang hpe tam nna grai jam jau kau ai. Ndai na aten rai sai ngu tsun ai da, shaloi gaw shi gaw dai sadek kaw na pru nna ah jum hpe mung grai tawng ban tim ah jum n hkraw mat sai re majaw shi gaw grai kagat nna nta sha pyi du da nna nye madu jan ni nye kasha ni nye mayam ni num mayam la ni hpe naw wa jahkrum kau da na dai nna she si u ga ngu na grai kagat tim panglai kaw nna shanhte nta du na grai tsan ai shara kaw shi gaw wa si mat ai da, maumwi gaw dai kaw htum sai. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
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