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Title:Kanu kawa ni hpe hkungga ra ai lam (Why it is important to respect parents) with English translation
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Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), H. Pri (speaker), 2016. Kanu kawa ni hpe hkungga ra ai lam (Why it is important to respect parents) with English translation. MPEG/X-WAV/XML. KK1-0006 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/59888ec5bd4c8
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):H. Pri
Coverage (Box):northlimit=27.331; southlimit=23.137; westlimit=95.335; eastlimit=98.498
Coverage (ISO3166):MM
Date (W3CDTF):2016-12-09
Date Created (W3CDTF):2016-12-09
Description:Translation (by Rita Seng Mai) This story is about we need to show respects to our parents. It's about the twins who were born by a female dog. Many years ago, there was a female dog in a hamlet. It had got two human children. They were twins girls. Their names were "Gwi Kaw" and "Gwi Lu". (The word "gwi" means "dog" in Jinghpaw.) They were very beautiful even though their mother was a dog. Gwi Kaw was more polite and cleverer than her sister Gwi Lu. Gwi Lu got married to the King and she became the queen. The King chose Gwi Lu as he thought she would be more polite and cleverer. She became very rich and lived happily as she became the queen. Her sister "Gwi Kaw" got married to a normal person and lived together with her mother dog. But she was very poor and difficult to earn for their livelihood. One day, the mother dog went to meet her daughter queen because she missed her. While she was walking around the palace, her daughter Gwi Lu saw her. Gwi Lu was afraid of being told that she was the daughter of a dog. She was embarrassed about that. So, Gwi Lu told the guards to drive that dog off. But the mother dog didn't go away. That dog said, "I came here to meet my daughter. Let me meet her for a while." (Animals can communicate verbally with human at that time.) The guards told the queen that that dog came to meet her daughter. Then, the queen said, "How could her daughter be here!? Just drive it away! Go and beat the dog!" So, the guards beat the dog and its waist was broken. Then, the mother dog went back to her home by whining loudly. When she arrived home, her daughter Gwi Kaw saw her and told worriedly, "Mom, what had happened to you? Your waist was broken." Gwi Kaw picked her mother up gently and cured her. But her mother didn't get well. Then, the mother dog told her elder daughter, "My sweetie, I know that I won't get well. Your sister told her followers to beat me, and then my waist had been broken. I will die soon. Don't be down-hearted even if I couldn't be with you anymore. Bury me in the ground in front of your house. There will be one tree which will grow just on my grave. Don't root up the tree. Take care of the tree. Then lots of fruits will bear on that tree and the leaves of that tree will be money. I will be a valuable tree for you." Gwi Kaw buried her mother in front of their house as her mother's wish. After a short time, there was a beautiful tree which was growing on her mother's grave. Gwi Kaw did all the things to take care of the tree as her mother told her to do. When the tree grew, there were really many leaves. The children of Gwi Kaw told Gwi Kaw, "Mom, there are a lot of money under that tree," and they went there to pick the money up every early morning. Later, there were many fruits bearing on that tree. Those fruits became very valuable gold fruits. Then, Gwi Kaw and her children sold those fruits and they became rich. Gwi Lu, a queen, got poor gradually as she was the ungrateful daughter and the one who let to beat her mother. Her husband, the King, also died soon. Then she went back to her sister, Gwi Kaw. "My sister, you get richer and richer. How did you get rich?" asked Gwi Lu. "As you already know, your brother-in-law didn't do any business. We don't know how to do business. We pluck the leaves and gold fruits from that tree which are growing on mom's grave. We make money by selling those. I did everything the same as mom told me," answered Gwi Kaw. Then, Gwi Lu, the wife of the King, regretted about beating her mother up as she got poorer. But, she had to live poorly for the rest of her life because she insulted and disrespected her mom. Transcription (by Lu Awng) Tinang a kanu kawa ni hpe hkungga ra ai lam re gabaw gaw ya na. Moi da kahtawng langai mi kaw gwi kanu langai mi kaw wa shinggyim masha sa paw ai marun ma numsha 2 wa sa paw ai da. Gwi kanaw gaw dai she numsha dai yen gaw gwi lu hte gwi kaw ngu mi rai re nga ai. Dai yen kaba wa yang gaw grai tsawm ai re da gwi kaw paw tim mung grai tsawm nna she kana gaw myit nau nsu sam ai kanau gaw grau myit su sam ai dai kanau gaw hkawhkam jan tai ai. Hkrak nga kana mahtang myitsu ai gaw re nga hkawhkam wa lata la shut ai she nre dawng, kanau hkawhkam jan tai ai nna grai lusu wa kana gaw matsan mayen re kanu hte nga nna masha jan gaw tai ai da raitim shi gaw nlu su ai matsan jan tai ai reng kanu hpe gaw dai kana woi yu na hku rai re nga ai. Lani mi gaw dai gwi kanu gaw kasha hkawhkam jan a nta de kasha e hkrum mayu she nrai i sa wa ai da. Sa wa yang gwi kanu dai gaw hkawhkam wang makau hkan garet hkawm nga yang she dai kasha gwi lu dai hkawhkam jan wa masha ni e shi hkawhkam ja wa mi ting gwi kawn paw ai ngu na gaya nna re na hku rai nga e dai gwi kanu dai kade gwi kun shachyut dat mu loh ngu shachyut yang mung n hprawng hkraw rai gwi dai gaw gwi raitim moi prat gaw shinggyim masha hte dusat ga hkrum ai ten rai sam ai gaw gwi kanu dai gaw e nye kasha hpe hkrum mayu na jahkring sha pyi hkrum mayu nna sa ai re lol ngu yang hkawhkam jan e gwi kanu oh ra gaw shi kasha hte hkrum mayu na sa ai nga she tsun ai loh ngu yang she shi kasha nang kaw kanang na shi kasha nga na oh sa ah byen dat mu ngu na hku rai nga shaloi kaja wa dai hkawhkam ni a shangun ma ni gaw gwi dai hpe sa shachyut gayet dat yang gaw lagaw wa gayet daw machyi dat ya, nshang da law nshang wa gayet daw machyi dat ya ai hku nga. Nyang hkrai nyang hkrap garu wa wa na oh kasha nga ai nta du yang gai law nu e hpa byin wa sani e nye nu ya nshang daw mat sai nga matsan mayen ngu nna gwi kanu dai e kasha makaw wa mahtang gaw sa hta pawn la nna woi tsi yang gaw nmai sai da nshang dai gaw nmai kanu gaw tsun da ai da ya nan nu ni matsan ai nga myit hkum kaji yaw nu gaw si wa na sha rai sai ningnau jan hkawhkam jan e shi a salung sala ni e shangun nna nye nshang gayet daw ya ai nu gaw mai lu na nrai sai. Nu si jang hto ra nan nu a nta npan up de ah tsawm sha lup tawn e. Nu e lup ai kaw hpun langai mi tu wa na ra ai dai e hkum paw kau ah tsawm sha yu maka tawn mu lu nan nu ni dai hpun dai kawn asi si wa na ra ai, ah lap mung gumhpraw tai na re ai. Manu dan ai hpun shatut ya na nngai ngu nna tsun tawn da ai da. Re yang kanu gaw si mat jang kaja wa dai kasha makaw gaw hkan htinggaw ni dai gwi kanu hpe hkan nu ni a nta hte nau ntsan ai ndaw up kaw sa lup tawn yang gaw kade nna yang hpun bawng grai tsawm ai langai mi tu wa ai. Dai e kanu tsun da ai hte maren ah tsawm sha maka yu gawn lajang tawn yang hpun dai kaba wa she ah lap ni hkrap ai mung kasha ni dai gwi kaw a kasha ni nu e ndai hpun pawt kaw gumhpraw taw ai lol ngu sa hta wa wa re da jahpawt jau jau sa la wa wa re da. Hpang e gaw ah si bai sa wa yang gaw dai ah si dai gaw manu dan ai namsi ni ja si ni tai wa na hku rai re nga ai. Dai rai dut sha rai na hkan nu wa ni grai lusu wa ohra kanau hkawhkam jan mahtang gaw kanu hpe zingri gayet dat dai yu bak hkrat ai she nrai i gau ngwi gau ngwi hkawhkam wa mung si mat nna matsan mayan rai nna kana kaw bai du sa wa ai. Kana e e shawng nan nu wa ni gaw grai lu wa nga masai le sa ngu yang she kaning ning na lu wa mata ngu chye an nu wa ni mo hpa hpaga mung nchye ga ninggu mung chye hte maren hpa hpaga mung n ga ai. Hto ra kaw na si pru ai oh ra ja si ni namlap ni mani gumhpraw ngan sa hta wa wa re dai dut sha nna lu su wa ai ga rai ga ai ndai hpun nu a lup kawn tu wa ai nu tsun da ai ga madat hpun ja si ja hpun ndai lu nna lu su ga ai, ngu nna tsun jang kanau hkawhkam jang gaw shi matsan mayen hkrum sai re nga myit grai malai nna kanu e shut kau ai yup bak mara gaw myit dum ai raitim kanu a yubak hkrat nna matsan mayen hkrum mat ai nga ai maumwi ndai kaw htum sai dai re, ah gwi kaw masha paw ai lam kanu e hkungga ai lam. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
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Subject:Kachin language
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