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Title:Dinghku num ni myit su ra ai lam (Why a married woman needs to be kind) with English translation
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Bibliographic Citation:Keita Kurabe (collector), Keita Kurabe (depositor), H. Pri (speaker), 2016. Dinghku num ni myit su ra ai lam (Why a married woman needs to be kind) with English translation. X-WAV/MPEG/XML. KK1-0005 at catalog.paradisec.org.au. https://dx.doi.org/10.4225/72/59888ec16b7f8
Contributor (compiler):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (depositor):Keita Kurabe
Contributor (speaker):H. Pri
Coverage (Box):northlimit=27.331; southlimit=23.137; westlimit=95.335; eastlimit=98.498
Coverage (ISO3166):MM
Date (W3CDTF):2016-12-09
Date Created (W3CDTF):2016-12-09
Description:Translation (by Rita Seng Mai) This story is about how a married woman needed to be good, kind, clever and grateful. Many years ago, there lived a big family in a hamlet. There were many sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren in that family. One of the daughter-in-laws was so mean and unkind. Her mother-in-law suffered from poor eyesight as she was old. One day, the son of the old grandma caught a jungle fowl from the forest and let his wife cook to feed his mother. But his wife, unkind daughter-in-law, cooked quince fruits which were so sour instead of a jungle fowl. Then, she gave that to her old mother-in-law by saying that was a fowl curry. When her mother-in-law ate that curry at night, she couldn't eat because it was too sour. So, she wrapped and put it on the rack above the fireplace. The next day, she gave that curry to eat her granddaughter and said, "Take this and eat. This is the jungle fowl curry that your mother cooked for me. I couldn't eat it because it was too sour." Her granddaughter couldn't eat it too as it was sour, so she threw it away. Then, one day, when she and her father went to their farm, she saw that there was something in the trap. She asked her father, "Dad, what's that? What kind of bird is that? Isn't a kind of bird that you brought a few days ago?" Her father answered, "Yes, it is a jungle fowl." Then she said, "Ummm, a jungle fowl, a jungle fowl, you have really nice voice but your flesh is too sour." When her father heard that, he told his daughter,"Eee, my daughter, how could a fowl flesh be sour? It's not sour a bit." "No! Dad, it's too sour. Mom cooked it for grandma a few days ago. Grandma gave it to me as she couldn't eat. When I tasted it, it was really sour. So I threw away. Dad, don't catch that kind of bird anymore," told his daughter. Then they went back home. When they arrived home, the father asked his wife, "How did you cook a jungle fowl to be sour? Your daughter said that grandma gave it her to eat. When she ate that curry, it was too sour. So she couldn't finish it and throw away. How did you cook? Your daughter said that jungle fowl's voice was so nice but its flesh was sour. May be, you didn't cook properly and savory." Then, his wife replied, "No way, your daughter is lying. How can a fowl curry be sour!?" He was confused, so he told his daughter again, "Your mother said it was a jungle fowl curry and it wasn't sour." Then, his daughter replied, "No, dad. It was really sour. I just threw it over there. If dogs didn't eat yet, the curry would still be there. I will go and get it." And then she went there and picked it up. It was still there. She gave that quince curry to her father and told, "Here! This is the fowl curry I threw." Her father was so sad as soon as he saw the curry. Then, he apologized to his mother, "Mom, don't be upset. Your daughter-in-law was not good and clever enough! I know you might feel sad and unhappy. But don't hold a grudge, mom. Don't feel resentment toward her. Please forgive her. If you feel upset and sore, we can't get blessings. Please forgive her, mom." Then, his old mother said, "Of course, I forgive. You all will be filled with blessings. My sons and my grandchildren, I bless you all to have a healthy and happy long life. But my daughter-in-law serves her right. I forgive." A few years later, the old grandma died. When they were going to put her dead body into a coffin, they couldn't carry the corpse no matter how hard they tried. Then, that daughter-in-law came to touch the body if that would work. At that time, she remembered what she did to her mother-in-law and apologized by crying, "My mother-in-law, it might be my fault. Your dead body couldn't be moved a bit because of me. Please forgive me. I will do only good things from now on. I will be a good and respectful mother for your grandchildren. Please forgive me." After she had apologized, they could easily carry grandma's dead body. So, the elders said that women need to be kind, clever and good after they have got married and raised a family. Transcription (by Lu Awng) Ya na bai dai mung anhte gabaw gaw anhte dinghku num ni myitsu ra ai lam hkrai rai sai. Moi kahtawng langai mi kaw dinghku langai mi hta kasha kanam law law rai na nga ai gaw re da. Retim dai kanam langai mi wa nau nkaja amyit nau nsu kamoi gaw grai gumgai mat nshamu lu mat, myi ma nau nmu mat rai na nga ai e she kasha wa gaw nam na u u gam ngu ai ah u la wa nna she shadu sha woi shangun na rai re nga ai, dai sha ai shana bai rai rai jang gaw gamoi e she u shan nre sha wa ndai sani si grai hkri ai baw namsi sani si wa makai jaw wa shadu makai jaw yang gaw dai kamoi gumgai gaw shana gaw sha ngu wa ya jang gaw sha yang gaw nau hkri nna nlu sha she garap kaw mara kau masawp mara kau ai. Hpang e gaw kashu jan e she ma e mana ndai ning nu wa jaw ai u gam shan ah dwi sha yu yang hkri nna nlu sha ai mawk mawk ndai nanhte ma ni sha kau mu ngu nna ya ai. Dai kashu jan sha na hku rai re ai sha yang nau hkri nsha lu she hpang e hkan wa gaw yi sa rai yi kaw wa she ah u ngoi nga ai e wa oh ra hpa u re ta, grai ngoi pyaw nga ai le ngu, u gam ngu re, e wa mani nang la wa ai u gam nga nre i, mani shadu sha ai ngu re le u gam re le ngu. E e u nang shaga ai grai pyaw tim ah shan grai hkri ai wa re ndai ngu sai da kasha gaw deng she kawa gaw chya e ma u shan mi nhkri yang mi ganang na ushan wa hkri a ngu hkri ai law ma ni wa sanang la wa ai nu shadu ai u gam shan re nga ai dwi ngai e shi sha yang hkri ai nga nna ngai e jaw sha ai, ngai sha yang mung grai hkri nna ngai kabai kau sai. U gam grai shaga pyaw timmung ah shan grai hkri ai wa re ai wa nang ya hpang de dai u gam nga hkum gap sa ah shan grai hkri ai ngu. Rai jang gaw madu wa dai kawa wa gaw ga ya nye madu jan gaw nye kanu e wa dan wa she rai nga hka ngan she nang nnu nang gaw u gam shan wa mi hkri ai hku di ai gaw kaning re rai, nang ma tsun nga ai le shana kawoi dwi e wa jaw ai u gam shan re nga nau hkri nsha lu ai nga ngai e bai jaw ai ngai sha yang hkri na kabai kau sai nga ai. U shaga yang u gam re ngu jang u gam nang shaga jang grai pyaw ai shan grai hkri ndai wa re law nga nna ma ngai e tsun dan nga ai. Nang myit nkaja ai hku galaw sam ai goi ngu yang she ma dai masu nga ai ganang na u gam sha mi n hkri law ma dai nang e masu rai nga ai ngu ma e san sai da nnu tsun ai nhkri ai da le u gam shan re da le nre law wa ngai kabai tawn ai le ra kaw kabai dat ai re. Ah gwi ni nsha kau jang naw nga na re ngai sa hta ya ngu nshe dai kasha jan gaw kamoi e jaw ai u shan ngu ai dai sani si dai wa sha hkri she kabai tawn ai wa hta la nang gaw rang wa ndai kaw ngai kabai tawn ai nang taw nga ai le ndai re ngu wa ya. Dai shani kawn gaw dai yen htinggaw ni myit hta grai gaw npyaw sai da. Npyaw she kanu e gaw kasha wa tawng ban ai da, nu e na kaman myit nsu ai mara hkum matsing yaw. Nu nang grai yawn na sai mara grai lu na sai raitim mung mara hkum matsing ya mara raw ya kaman a mara raw ya rit an nu wa ni e nang myit npyaw jang ma ni kaw mung chyeju nhpring na re dai majaw mara grai raw ya rit lol ngu e raw ya ai raw ya ai ngai shu ni e ngai sha ni e ngwi pyaw hkam kaja nna sak galu nna nga mu ga, ngai nam shi galaw ai gaw shi a lam sha rai na re nanhte ngai shu ngai sha ni gaw hpa nhkra na re ngu nna kanu gaw mara raw ai gaw ngu law tim dan ngu she hpang e gaw dinggai dai si wa yang gaw mang wa hta ai wa kade wa jum yu timmung nhkraw hkraw rai na yak nga yang she kaman e wa masawp yang she hkraw un ngu na tsun jang kanam e she kanam mung dum ai da, moi e ngai shut ai mara rai na sai lol ya nang e hta kau na gaw she re nang ah mang hta yang ja kap mat ai nga gaw ngai a mara raw ya rit prat tup ngai kaja ai hku sha galaw sa na nngai, ningsha ningshu ni a man e kaja ai hku sha galaw sa na nngai moi e mara raw ya rit lol ngu nna wa hkrap nga jang ah mang dai hta kau u ai nga mung hkai ma ai. Dai re anhte num ni grai myitsu myitsu myit gawp let e dinghku de ra ai lam ni moi nye nu ni tsun dan ai law ngai e myitsu na matu tsun ai gaw she nrai a dawng rai sai. . Language as given: Jinghpaw
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Subject:Kachin language
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