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Title:THEaiTRobot 2.0
Bibliographic Citation:http://hdl.handle.net/11234/1-4863
Creator:Rosa, Rudolf
Dušek, Ondřej
Kocmi, Tom
Mareček, David
Musil, Tomáš
Schmidtová, Patrícia
Jurko, Dominik
Bojar, Ondřej
Hrbek, Daniel
Košťák, David
Kinská, Martina
Nováková, Marie
Doležal, Josef
Vosecká, Klára
Zakhtarenko, Alisa
Obaid, Saad
Date (W3CDTF):2022-10-04T13:05:02Z
Date Available:2022-10-04T13:05:02Z
Description:The THEaiTRobot 2.0 tool allows the user to interactively generate scripts for individual theatre play scenes. The previous version of the tool (http://hdl.handle.net/11234/1-3507) was based on GPT-2 XL generative language model, using the model without any fine-tuning, as we found that with a prompt formatted as a part of a theatre play script, the model usually generates continuation that retains the format. The current version also uses vanilla GPT-2 by default, but can also instead use a GPT-2 medium model fine-tuned on theatre play scripts (as well as film and TV series scripts). Apart from the basic "flat" generation using a theatrical starting prompt and the script model, the tool also features a second, hierarchical variant, where in the first step, a play synopsis is generated from its title using a synopsis model (GPT-2 medium fine-tuned on synopses of theatre plays, as well as film, TV series and book synopses). The synopsis is then used as input for the second stage, which uses the script model. The choice of models to use is done by setting the MODEL variable in start_server.sh and start_syn_server.sh THEaiTRobot 2.0 was used to generate the second THEaiTRE play, "Permeation/Prostoupení".
Identifier (URI):http://hdl.handle.net/11234/1-4863
Language (ISO639):eng
Publisher:Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL)
The Švanda Theatre in Smíchov
The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Theatre Faculty (DAMU)
Replaces (URI):http://hdl.handle.net/11234/1-3507
Rights:The MIT License (MIT)
natural language generation
Type (DCMI):Software


Archive:  LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ digital library at the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (ÚFAL), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
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OaiIdentifier:  oai:lindat.mff.cuni.cz:11234/1-4863
DateStamp:  2022-10-04
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Citation: Rosa, Rudolf; Dušek, Ondřej; Kocmi, Tom; Mareček, David; Musil, Tomáš; Schmidtová, Patrícia; Jurko, Dominik; Bojar, Ondřej; Hrbek, Daniel; Košťák, David; Kinská, Martina; Nováková, Marie; Doležal, Josef; Vosecká, Klára; Zakhtarenko, Alisa; Obaid, Saad. 2022. Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics (UFAL).
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