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Alice Rudge
Description:NAM is angry because she doesn't know how to play the flute. EPK starts the story. three siblings move camps. By the path they dig for tubers, because they don't have any rice. They carry on moving, they eat at the camp. They make a big lean-to. They want to fish, the younger sisters want to go fishing, but the older one warns them not to go fishing downriver, but to go upriver, because there is a tiger downriver who will eat them. They go fishing anyway. Tiger gets them. Brother kills tiger. Then he goes away. He stays with Malays. Tells the kids not to go to the river because of hot rain. He goes to sleep. But the kids go to the river. But a crocodile bites one of them. They wake him up. They tell him what has happened. He tells the crocodile to give back the child but he won't. They argue. He climbs up a tree, and throws down a chicken. This doesn't work. He is a shaman so he can walk into the water. He gets to the Malay child. He attaches a fish hook. They pull on the line, the crocodile reaches the surface. They open up the crocodile, they take the dead child out of the stomach. They tell him to reawaken him from the dead. He does. He stays with them. They make sleeping mats. They give to him. He moves camp, goes back to Batek. He eats with the Batek, he tells them that his sisters died. They are angry with him. They are eating tawɛs, he has a wife. He goes back to the house, he tells her to come and eat, and bring her mother. He is able to just jump to the top of the tree because he is a shaman.They all move camps. There is a lot more to the story but he finished here. This recording is also held by the British Library, ID C1773/26/9
Identifier (URI):https://corpora.humlab.lu.se/ds/asv?openpath=MPI254618%23
Publisher:Nicole Kruspe
Batek language
Subject (ISO639):btq


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Citation: EPK; Alice Rudge. 2014-11. Nicole Kruspe.
Terms: area_Asia country_MY iso639_btq

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