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Title:Tilīgramā 2 ("Gorāpā's Event") (Gumān Kāmī)
Access Rights:Freely accessible
Alternative Title:तिलीग्रमा २ (गोरापाका मेला{{518}}) (गुमान कामी)
Conforms To (URI):oai:crdo.vjf.cnrs.fr:cocoon-49aefa90-8c1f-3ba8-a099-0ebefc6a2aa7
Contributor (depositor):Michailovsky, Boyd
Contributor (research_participant):Citra Prasād Śarmā
Contributor (researcher):Maskarinec, Gregory G.
Contributor (speaker):Gumān Kāmī
Contributor (sponsor):Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR-06-CORP-030-01
American Philosophical Society
Wenner-Gren Foundation
Date Available (W3CDTF):2013-09-21
Date Issued (W3CDTF):2013-09-21T16:24:33+02:00
Date Modified (W3CDTF):2018-04-13T18:09:58+02:00
Description:The Conclusion of the Tiligrama recital, beginning at line 417 of the published versions. The shaman, tricked into revealing his identity, cures the king of Sinja (who he has earlier cursed) and they divide their jurisdictions into the rulings of the day, the king's, and the rulings of the night, the shaman's. "Each of the many Nepalese shamans with whom I have worked agreed that "Tilīgramā" is their most important text. Shamans use it as a central part of every initiation and death ceremony, and also recite it when treating both critically ill patients and clients of high status. It is needed whenever the patient's afflictions may have been caused by acts of sorcery performed by shamans. … "Tilīgramā" is the name of a level of the underworld where the original shaman learns to be a blacksmith." NSOTI p. 482. [V1.2.10]
Format (IMT):text/xml
Identifier:Ancienne cote: crdo-NEP_TILI2
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Is Referenced By:NSOTI: Maskarinec, Gregory G., 1998, Nepalese Shaman Oral Texts I, Harvard Oriental Series volume 55, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England, Harvard University Press. p. 141-144.
Language:Nepali (macrolanguage); Nepali
English; Anglais
Language (ISO639):nep
License (URI):http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.5/
Publisher:Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale
Replaces (URI):http://purl.org/net/crdo/data/cocoon-4633536f-56bf-386c-9f2b-6f9f2a652dcd.version1
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Rights:Copyright (c) Maskarinec, Gregory
Subject:Nepali (macrolanguage)
Subject (ISO639):nep
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Discourse):narrative
Type (OLAC):primary_text


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Citation: Gumān Kāmī (speaker); Maskarinec, Gregory G. (researcher); Citra Prasād Śarmā (research_participant); Michailovsky, Boyd (depositor); Agence Nationale de la Recherche ANR-06-CORP-030-01 (sponsor); American Philosophical Society (sponsor); Wenner-Gren Foundation (sponsor). 2013. Laboratoire de langues et civilisations à tradition orale.
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