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Title:Tanana Chiefs Conference AV Collection
Contributor (compiler):Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc.
Coverage:Hughes, Fairbanks
Creator:Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc.
Description:A collection of 30 VHS and cassette tapes. KO962TCC2015-01: VHS. June 2000 Memorial potlatch in Huslia. KO962TCC2015-02: VHS. 2005 Tl'eeyegge Hukkenaage' (Native Language) Camp. Yesdle T'oh - Bishop Mountain. See AAF11916.(YKSD production). KO962TCC2015-03: VHS. Spring 2000 Babiche Cultural Exchange student work. See AAF11899 "Babiche Cultural Exchange videos." KO962TCC2015-04: VHS 5-31-1998. Master Apprentice Model. Hinton/Bussell. Tape 1 of 5. KO962TCC2015-05: VHS 6-1-1998. Master Apprentice Model. Hinton/Bussell. Tape 2 of 5. KO962TCC2015-06: VHS 6-2-1998. Master Apprentice Model. Hinton/Bussell. Tape 3 of 5. KO962TCC2015-07: VHS 6-3-1998. Master Apprentice Model. Hinton/Bussell. Tape 4 of 5. KO962TCC2015-08: VHS 6-4-1998. Master Apprentice Model. Hinton/Bussell. Tape 5 of 5. KO962TCC2015-09: June 1999. Kaltag Denaakke' Camp. Tape 1 of 3. KO962TCC2015-10: June 1999. Kaltag Denaakke' Camp. Tape 2 of 3. KO962TCC2015-11: June 1999. Kaltag Denaakke' Camp. Tape 3 of 3. KO962TCC2015-12: ANLC Koyukon 141 class. KO962TCC2015-13: 6-13-00- 6-16-00. Koyukon Class at UAF. KO962TCC2015-14: 5-31-00- 6-13-00. Koyukon Class at UAF. (2 copies.) KO962TCC2015-15: Denaakenaage Hughes. Tape 2. (6 copies.) KO962TCC2015-16: 4-05-00. Denaakenaage Hughes (3 copies). KO962TCC2015-17: Bertha Moses. KO962TCC2015-18: Cassette. 6/24/99. IATC Board of Trustees. #5. KO962TCC2015-19: Cassette. 2/12/1987. Tanana Chiefs Conference Class. Koyukon Athabascan Culture. Eliza Jones. KO962TCC2015-20: Cassette. 2/19/87. Tanana Chiefs Conferece Class. Eliza Jones. KO962TCC2015-21: Cassette. Native Language with Lorna. Month of September. KO962TCC2015-22: Cassette. 12/99-3/00. Gertie and Irene with Lorna. Native Language KO962TCC2015-23: Cassette. 4-5-00. Denaakkenaage Hughes. Misc. Intro. (7 copies). KO962TCC2015-24: Cassette. Copy of Gladys Malemute and Joe Williams Sr. Story telling. KO962TCC2015-25: Cassette. 4-7-00. Denaakk'enaage Hughes Bingo. (7 copies). KO962TCC2015-26: Cassette. 6/15/00. Birch Bark Denaakk'enaage. (7 copies). KO962TCC2015-27: Cassette. Denaakk'enaage Hughes.Tape 2. (10 copies). KO962TCC2015-28: Cassette. April 7, 2000. Denaakk'enaage Hughes Days. Day 3. (14 copies). KO962TCC2015-29: Cassettes. Bird songs (2 tapes.) Not digitized. KO962TCC2015-30: Upper Koyukon Language Lessons. Agnes Moore. See ANLC3388. Not digitized. Comments: Tape dates range from late 1980's to early 2000's. Citation: Tanana Chiefs Conference. Tapes 4-8 are 2002 Leanne Hinton and Gordon Bussell, �Two models of language survival: The master-apprentice program and the Breath of Life workshops�, Athabascan Languages Con-ference, Fairbanks, Alaska
Subject:Lower Tanana language
Koyukon language
Subject (ISO639):taa
Type (DCMI):Sound


Archive:  Alaska Native Language Archive
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DateStamp:  2018-08-13
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Citation: Tanana Chiefs Conference, Inc. 2015. Alaska Native Language Archive.
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