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Title:M. Krauss files: [Number and viability of Native Languages, Siberia.]
Contributor (author):Krauss, Michael E.
Creator:Krauss, Michael E.
Description:Files compiled by Michael Krauss in the 1990'a and donated to ANLA in 2012. f.1 Ecology and Ethnic Survival among the Nenets by Tapani Salminen. Paper read at the 18th International Symposium, the Taniguchi Foundation, Division of Ethnology: Northern Minority Languages- Problems of Survival. Undated [1991?] also correspondence from this conference; UNESCO Red Book on Endangered Languages: Northeast Asia, compiled by Juha Janhunen, undated [1993?];Ethnic Death and Survival in the Soviet North by Juha Janhunen, paper read at the International Association for the History of Religions, Regional Conference on Circumpolar and Northern Region(s) in Helsinki, May 1990, also correspondence; Kielentutkismus ja kielellinen moninaisuus by Juha Janhunen, Academia Scientiarum Fennica Vuosikirja, Year Book, 1991-1992. f.2 [Babel, World population.]: Ms. notes on world population going back millions of years; The Babel of Tongues: a Sumerian Version by Samuel Noah Kramer in Journal of the American Oriental Society, 1968; The Anchor Bible Dictionary Babel reference page; On Genesis: a new reading by Bruce Vawter, 1977 pp 151-159; The Tower of Babel by E.A Speiser in Genesis, 1964; Der Turmbau von Babel by Anton Hiersemann, 1957; The Tower of Babel by Philippe Wolff in Western Languages AD 100-1500. undated; Language and Gnosis by George Steiner in After Babel, 1975; Bibliographic references to Babel; The History of the Human Poulation by Ansley J. Coale in Scientific American Sept, 1974; How Many People Have Lived on the Earth by Nathan Keyfitz; [A collection of papers on Population growth from the 1960's]. f.3 Soviet Small Languages of the North, Krauss, 1990 data from Russian sources; 4 pages tabulated data and notes. f.4 Chukotka place names and population: List of the villages of the Chukotka Peninsula 2000 BP to present; Les Peuples du Kamtchatka et de la Tchoukotka by Boris Chichlo; Socio-demographic situation of the Yuit and Inuit Eskimos and Chukchis of Chukotka by Joelle Robert-Lamblin; one page tabulation by M. Krauss. Comments: This file was probably assembled in the 1990s but contains materials from 1956-2000. No attempt was made to sort materials.


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