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Title:M. Krauss files: Correspondence 1983-1990.
Contributor (author):Krauss, Michael E.
Creator:Krauss, Michael E.
Description:Michael Krauss' correspondence files, roughly sorted by date or topic. f.1 Correspondence, Krauss, 1983-1984. f.2 Correspondence, Krauss,1983-1985 proposal to develop a Linguistic Program at UAF. f.3 Correspondence, Krauss, 1985. f.4 Correspondence, Krauss, 1985-1986. f.5 Correspondence, Krauss,1985. f.6 Correspondence, Krauss,1986-1987 regarding a festschrift for Knut Bergsland. f.7 Correspondence, Krauss,1987-1988. f.8 Correspondence, Krauss,1987 regarding John Enrico. f.9 Correspondence, Krauss,1987-1989. f.10 Correspondence, Krauss,1988. f.11 Correspondence, Krauss,1988 Friendship Flight. f.12 Correspondence, Krauss,1988 regarding University of Alberta School of Native Studies. Regna Darnell and Jean Mulder. Also includes: Sapir's commitment to Navaho. f.13 Correspondence, Krauss,1988-1989 Travel: Leningrad, Japan, Yellowknife. f.14 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Saskatoon Copper Mine. f.15 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Travel: Sapporo Japan. Minoru Takabatake. f.16 Correspondence, Krauss,1989. f.17 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Alaska Humanities Forum. f.18 Correspondence, Krauss,1989 Travel: Leningrad. f.19 Correspondence, Krauss,1990's unsorted. f.20 Correspondence, Krauss,1990's unsorted. f.21 Correspondence, Krauss,1990's unsorted. f.22 Correspondence, re: Svend Frederikson to establish an Institute of Eskimology in the US, 1960. Knut Bergsland, L.L. Hammerich, unknown Minister for Greenland. f.23 Correspondence from Knut Berglsland to M. Krauss re: Eskimo languages, 1960. f.24 Correspondence from M. Krauss to Jøergen Rischel re: Rischel's retirement in 1998. Also papers by Rischel but not on Alaska Native languages. Comments: These files may contain Native Language materials. Materials donated by M. Krauss in 2012. A rough attempt was made to sort these files by year and/or topic. Materials in folders were given new folders but very little effort was made to describe the contents. Subjects include: administration of ANLA, language research, publications, conferences, travel, news, requests for information and many others. Restrictions: These materials may contain information related to the administration of ANLC during the time M. Krauss was director. They may also contain private correspondence.
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