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Title:Kaska collection
Contributor (compiler):Krauss, Michael E.
Creator:Krauss, Michael E.
Description:Ms. and ts. Kaska language materials collected by Michael Krauss. BOX 1: f1 Notes sur la langue "tnlingat". Indiens de Teslin Lake, Yukon. Arcdeacon Canham 1888. Not Tlingit but actually a comparative vocabulary of Pelly Banks, Fort Selkirk, Coffee Creek. ca. 500 words, 22 pp. poor copy. Centre d'Anthropologie. Rapport projet microfilms '69 Suite Documents du Diocese du Yukon; Region Teslin. Yukon. Serie 3 Film No.1. f2 A Cho Ta e Ten ni, Liard Slave. Robert Kennicott, undated. BAE ms. no. 3. Bureau of American Ethnology, Manuscript Vault 1926 (duplicate) 2 p.; Kaska wordlist, Clara Donnessey, Watson Lake Yt. 5/5/82; Kaska wordlist, Edward Horne, 1969; Kaska Swadesh 100 word wordlist; Kaska Wordlist, Ross River, Francis Lake. Charlie Dick, b.1936; Kaska wordlist, Isabel, undated, very poor copy; The Place of the Upper Pelly River Indians in the Network of Northern Athabaskan Groups. Glenda Denniston, 1965. f3 The Nahanny Indians and the Fur Trade: 1800-1840. J.C. Yerbury. In Musk Ox 28, 1981, p 43-57. f4 Kaska Tahltan Orthography Workshop, Yukon Native Language Center, Nov.25-29, 1985. Participants included Mrs. Grady Sterrish, Harry Dick, Clara Donnessey, Charles Quock, Pat Edzerra, Dr. Hank Nater, Jeff Leer. Transcriptions by Pat Moore; Notes, Tape 1, Jeff Leer; Report on Kaska and Tahltan Orthography Workshops held at the Yukon Native Language Center, Whitehorse YT. Nov.25-29, 1985. Jeff Leer, 1985. Three drafts. f5 Kaska Literacy Training Sessions, Yukon Native Language Center, Watson Lake 1986, Ross River 1987. f6 Kaska Verb Workshop. Yukon Native Langage Centre, Whitehorse, YT 1988. f7 Kaska Langauge Lessons, Watson Lake. Yukon Native Language Centre, Whitehorse Yukon, , undated;Kaska Native Language Lessons, Ross River, Yukon. Yukon Native Language Centre, Whitehorse, YT. f8 Kaska Directionals, Patrick Moore, Department of Anthropology, Indiana University. Chapters from a dissertation, Appendix on the Kaska Sound System. f9 The Linguistic Contributions of the Yukon Exedition, Patrick Moore, Yukon Native Language Center, undated. BOX2: f1, f2, f3 Point of View in Kaska Historical Narratives, Patrick Moore. PhD Dissertation, 2002. 908 pages. f4 Kaska Classificatory Verbs. Barbra Meek and Leda Jules, 2001. Athabascan Language Conference at UCLA 2001. Comments: Dates range from 1885 to present.
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