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Title:The most significant Dene (or Athabascan) place names surrounding the Alaska Range [lecture]
Contributor (speaker):Kari, James
Coverage:Talkeetna, Alaska
Creator:Kari, James
Description:Audio and video recordings Jim Kari's Dene placenames lecture in Homer (Wednesday June 11, Pratt Museum, Homer, 7 p.m.) and Monday June 16, Northern Susitna Institute, Talkeetna, 7 p.m. Talkeetna. 1:13:24 Abstract: The Proto-Dene lex loci (�words of location�) is an evolving theory that is based upon linguistic and ethnogeographic data from contiguous Alaska Dene languages. These shared Dene place name networks have a rule-driven, sign+generic generative geography designed to be memorized as signs to facilitate interregional foot travel. This lecture introduces the theory and makes comparisons from the place name networks of nine contiguous Dene languages south and north of the Alaska Range (Ahtna, Upper Tanana, Tanacross, Middle Tanana, Lower Tanana, Upper Koyukon (Minchumina), Upper Kuskokwim, Deg Hit'an (Kusko) and Dena'ina. Three regional case studies with about 90 place names selected for their significance for prehistory demonstrate the many potential applications of this theory. The two most conspicuous Alaska Dene patterns (as Kari noted 20 years ago) are regional shifts in hydronyms 'stream' (na�::niiq�e) and oronyms 'mountain'. We will make note of various patterned duplications within one language or in distant languages which seem to have been intentional. Some names are overtly informative of paleo-environments (Donnelly Dome Luu Tahwdzaeye' 'heart among glaciers'). Some sets of names have an implied diachronic trajectory and that may be informative of early band movements. West of the Southern Alaska Range (in the Tanana-Kuskokwim Lowlands and Lime Hills ecoregions) a set of founding place names can be detected. Comments: Donated by Kari 7/7/2014 Citation: Hosted by Pratt Museum, Talkeetna Historical Society & Northern Susitna Institute.
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