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Title:[E. Marks, Willie Marks, Killer Whales and Other Stories]
Contributor (interviewer):Florence, N.
Contributor (speaker):Marks, Willie
Marks, E
Fawcett, J.B.
Creator:Florence, N.
Marks, Willie
Marks, E
Fawcett, J.B.
Description:Killer whale E. Marks: Eexak'oo; Daakaa- Willie and E. Marks; Xakuch'- Willie Marks (Swanton); (a) Killer Whale by J.B. Fawcett (b) Flood by J.B. Fawcett (c) Golden Lady by J.B. Fawcett (d) Killer Whale by Willie Marks SHI: Track 1: Side A: The same recording is included in the Dauenhauer Oral Literature Collection, Item 380, Tape 322. 0:00 � 8:35: Emma Marks�Seigeigéi tells the story of Naatsilanéi. 8:35 � 12:05, Emma Marks discussion. 12:05 � 19:00: Willie Marks�Kéet Yaanaayí tells a story about the Kóoshdaa Káa. 19:00 � 31:00: Willie Marks tells the Chookaneidí story of Xakúch�. Nora Dauenhauer�Keixnéi is the listener and interviewer throughout the recording. Side B: Track 2: 0:00 � 12:16: JB Fawcett�Tseexwáa tells the history of Naatsilanéi. This was transcribed and translated by Nora and Richard Dauenhauer in Haa Shuká, Our Ancestors: Tlingit Oral Narratives. The recording appears to cut lines 1 � midway of line 11, starting with �� yéi s jeewanéi.� 12:16 � 14:55: The Dauenhauers write that �the narrator continues to expound on related points of concern. In particular, he makes an appeal to document Tlingit history, especially regarding the land. He expresses concern with acculturation and loss of knowledge of traditions, and comments �It�s only right that it be put on paper.� Thus, the only �stories� are often set in a larger narrative context, or may inspire the tradition bearers to continue the narration on other topics.� 15:20 � 31:10: Clan migration and history. 31:25 � 46:40: Willie Marks�Kéet Yaanaayí tells the history of Naatsilanéi. This was transcribed, translated, and edited by Nora and Richard Dauenhauer in Haa Shuká: Our Anestors. Comments: The recordings in this collection were donated to the Sealaska Heritage Institute in 2013 by and in partnership with the Alaska Native Language Archive of University of Alaska Fairbanks, which holds the originals. This donation and partnership occurred for mutual benefit and to better document the content of these language recordings. In 2013 through an IMLS Enhancement Grant, Sealaska Heritage Institute was able to employ fluent speakers of the Tlingit language to review certain recordings in the ANLA collection. This work was conducted by elders David Katzeek (Tlingit name Kingeistí, Shangukeidí clan) and Paul Marks (Tlingit name Kinkaduneek, Lukaax.ádi clan). Zachary Zones, SHI Archivist, April 2014.
Subject:Tlingit language
Subject (ISO639):tli
Type (DCMI):Sound


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Citation: Florence, N.; Marks, Willie; Marks, E; Fawcett, J.B. 1972-10-02. Alaska Native Language Archive.
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