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Title:Tape 3: Tones
Contributor (speaker):Leer, Jeff
Starlight, Bruce
Donovan, Gary Lewis
Creator:Leer, Jeff
Starlight, Bruce
Donovan, Gary Lewis
Description:Side A: tape 3: Jeff Leer discusses tones with Bruce Starlight; enclitics 31:21. Linguistic consultation session involving Bruce Starlight, Gary Donovan, and Jeff Leer in Fairbanks, AK, in the summer of 1996. From start�9m45, this recording duplicates the end of ANLC0747A (i.e., two separate, partially overlapping recordings were made of the same session). This suggests that the recording date associated with this recording or ANLC0747A is incorrect. Recording begins with discussion of question formation with -ìlà and -ìlaa involving nominalized and non-nominalized verbs (start�3m45), followed by paradigms for "become" and "became" (9m15�14m15). Paradigms for "be (that way)" with ʔá- and dà- manner prefixes and -dà enclitic (18m00�27m15). Jeff Leer comments on the tone of Tsuut'ina CV verb stems (reflexes of Proto-Athabaskan *CVˑ verb stems) changing from mid to high before an enclitic (25m00�25m30, 26m45�27m15). From 27m45�end, paradigm forms for "go off to the side, off the path" and "get out of the way". Side B: Continued. Verbs; Contour tone hypothesis; Transitional verbs 31:16. Linguistic consultation session involving Bruce Starlight, Gary Donovan, and Jeff Leer in Fairbanks, AK, in the summer of 1996. (Jim Kari mentioned to be "outside", but doesn't appear to be on tape) Appears to be a continuation of ANLC0750B. Begins with discussion of "be (that way)" and transitional prefixes in verbs like "become" (start�1m30), leading into an exploration of stative vs. transitional forms for "be hot" and "get hot" (1m30�13m15). From 15m30�17m30, Jeff Leer explains the effects of the historical *d classifier and relates the seemingly exceptional low tone in ʔáyìláh to the presence of a ì- transitional prefix. At 22m50, another recording begins, with Bruce Starlight and Gary Donovan contrasting forms for "to be" and "naked, nakedness" (23m15�24m15). Comments: Tsuut�ina formerly known as Sarcee. Description provided by Chris Cox, 11/19/2015.
Type (DCMI):Sound


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Citation: Leer, Jeff; Starlight, Bruce; Donovan, Gary Lewis. 1996-08-13. Alaska Native Language Archive.
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