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Title:Bruce Starlight, Jeff Leer, Mike Krauss Recording
Contributor (speaker):Starlight, Bruce
Leer, Jeff
Donovan, Gary Lewis
Krauss, Michael E.
Creator:Starlight, Bruce
Leer, Jeff
Donovan, Gary Lewis
Krauss, Michael E.
Description:Bruce Starlight, Jeff Leer; Lexical work; tones; possessive suffixes. Side A: Linguistic consultation session involving Bruce Starlight, Gary Donovan, and Jeff Leer in Fairbanks, AK, on March 23, 1996. Recording focuses on tone contrasts in Tsuut'ina, including "I, me" vs. "my mind" vs. "my face" (2m30�3m15); "I am" vs. "horse" vs. "I taste it" (3m15�3m45); "my nose" vs. "my head" (5m45�6m30); "from me" vs. "to me" (10m30�11m30); "my hand" vs. "my older brother (woman speaking)" vs. "a rope or plural objects are lying there" (11m45�17m00); "a stick is lying there" vs. "my father" vs. "as it (stick-like object) is lying there" (18m45�21m00); "in it" vs. "his/her/its foot" (22m15�25m00); "his/her/its own foot" vs. "he/she is going shopping" (25m15�26m45); "he/she is going to walk" vs. "his own daughter (man speaking)" vs. "his/her/its own louse" (27m30�30m30). Discussion of possessive prefix tone patterns around 4m15, mentioning exceptional high tone with words like "nose", "hand", and "mind". Side B: Linguistic consultation session involving Bruce Starlight, Gary Donovan, Jeff Leer, and Michael Krauss in Fairbanks, AK, in the summer of 1996. Immediate continuation of ANLC0596A. Michael Krauss enters the session at 6m45. Discussion begins with investigation of tone contrasts, including "he/she/it is going to fly" vs. "his/her/its own feather" (8m15�9m00); "my eye" vs."my older brother" (10m09�12m48), among other forms. At 5m54, Jeff Leer comments on word-final obstruent devoicing after long vowels, as reported by Sapir. At 16m23, Jeff Leer discusses hypotheses about one Proto-Athabaskan source of high tone (from PA full vowels) and mid tone (from PA reduced vowels). At 20m55, Michael Krauss comments on the resemblance between Tsuut'ina and Navajo with respect to tone. Comments: Tape 1. Tsuut�ina formerly known as Sarcee. Description provided by Chris Cox, 11/19/2015
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Citation: Starlight, Bruce; Leer, Jeff; Donovan, Gary Lewis; Krauss, Michael E. 1996-03-23. Alaska Native Language Archive.
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