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Title:Side A: Mike Letendre Side B: Ed Johnson
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Description:Side A: Mike Letendre, did you ever have training in subsistence? My Grandma teach me some old ways. Teach me how to hunt and cut up meat. What kind of animals? Every kind, moose, bear. As a young person is subsistence important to you today? Yeah, so nobody starve. Now nobody complain cause they have meat in the smoke house. do you think as a young person that subsistence help you be who you are? As a young Indian person do you think it is important? Yeah, cause it keeps food in your stomache or meat in the cache. Do you think that non natives think different than Natives about subsistence? yeah, we don't waste anything, cause they waste the meat. they leave whole thing and take the horns. I wouldn't do that. Where did you learn not to waste the food? I don't know, all my life, don't waste the food. Learned from the table not to waste food. Who taught you that? Ruth Hicks. Do you think you would teach your kids that? yeah. Do you think it has changed since you were a kid? Yeah in the old days they hunt when they needed meat, now they have to get whole bunch at one time and the meat sometimes goes to waste. Too many people in Alaska hunting. do you think that your Indian people will ever return to your subsistence ways? don't know, don't think so. It will be harder. We will still get our meat to eat. Do you think it is important for people your age today to learn some of the traditional ways of life? yeah, after old people die nobody will learn it. Real important. Do you try yourself to learn it? yeah. Do you think the backscatter will make a difference on subsistence? It will bring more people to the region. Do you think that the Air Force coming will affect the subsistence? yeah, more people and traffic might affect the moose. What could the air force do to keep these problems down? don't go hunting unless they need to. Don't really know much about backscatter. What is important to learn about traditional lifestyle? language, culture. what about game? how to keep everything. which animal most important to learn to hunt? Moose. other skills? learn how to trap for lynx, rabbits, spruce hen. We all agree that language and culture is important to learn. fish in the fall time for white fish. What will you teach your kids about traditional ways? If I learn my language I would teach them the language and how to put away meat and stuff. Do you trap? no. no interest in learning to trap. If someone took you out would you go? probably just for the experience. what is your favorite small game to hunt? grouse. why? hard to find. Pretty important what Grandma and Grandpa taught me. Subsistence means food and culture. Side B: Ed Johnson, 30, born in Duluth, Minnesota. Mom is from Suslota. Dad is from outside. What does subsistence mean to you? Subsistence is a way of living to the people of Copper River Valley. We were born and raised in that way, we have our own. I have no formal training. Do you think the traditional lifestyle changed much since your Mom and Grandma? I don't see a traditional lifestyle. It is 90% gone. We don't have it here. We, the people, try to have the lifestyle, I don't see the traditional lifestyle. It's history. Is it important to learn to make a living like that? Is it important for these kids to learn the old ways? Of course, that is the way they will survive when they get older. Do you think the backscatter will make a difference for subsistence? oh yeah, big difference. . Language as given: aht
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