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Title:Louise Mayo - Cantwell
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Description:Louise Mayo, 50 years old, 6/23/38, born at Valdez Creek, parents are Jake and Lily Tansy from Valdez Creek. Home village is Cantwell. Indian name is Uuzalkeldziine? means talk freely. Annie Evan, Grandmother. Grandfather died when Mother was 2 yrs old so didn't know him. What is your clan? Tsisyu. My sister Ruby says that we are Tsisyu. Sister Jane Nicholas knows more about clans than I do. Do you have a word in your language for subsistence? Uudaagha steldzii? means we live there, food source. I grew up on moose and caribou. No formal training for subsistence. I was discouraged from handling meat because of superstitions that we grew up on. when I turned about 14 or 15 then I was able to but was in school during the hunting seasons so I didn't work much with the meat. What did you learn when you were young? My Grandmother and I used to check rabbit snares. Went berry picking. Miss dry meat. Went berry picking in the fall time. Moose and caribou eat fresh willows which makes moose fat good for you. Is subsistence important to you as an Indian person? Don't know anything more, that's my food, I grew up with it. It is very important to me because I grew up with it. I can't eat things like hot dogs, it makes me sick. do you think the Indians think differently than non natives about subsistence? Definitely, they just take certain parts of the moose whereas Native people takes everything. We bring the whole moose in to eat. they cook it different than we do. They debone the moose, we don't. We either hang it up or dry it. Why were there changes in you lifestyle? Because of game warden. When I was growing up we all spoke our own language. They used to tell us that it was closed to me that meant it was in a cage and it was closed. when it was open they would open it and we could hunt. Do you think your people will ever go back to the traditional lifestyle? The next generation might stay where they are now. Being a parent, looking back at how I grew up, I'm not living my life the way I grew up. my parents were role models. You go back and try to pick up the traditions, I think that those kids will hold on to the way they were raised. Next generation will depend on how much moose and caribou they eat. Do you think it important for the kids to learn the Ahtna traditional lifestyle? yes, they should learn it. This generation is different because of school and all the distractions. Every hunting season they see everyone get excited about hunting. They don't know why now but they will remember that when they get older. They will remember how moose and caribou meat taste and they will come back to it. Everyone is looking at the backscatter as a life time job for them. but in the long run it will affect the Ahtna people. It depends on how they take it. the way I look at it it will be good and bad. Discussion on drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs to prevent drug and alcohol addictions. What are some recommendations for the Air Force on how to preserve subsistence activities? Work with the Native corps to monitor the impact. John Alfonsi: Looking for ways to solve the problems that may affect your people.Everyone is anticipating a social impact. discussion on programs again. . Language as given: aht
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