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Title:Bill & Maggie Joe
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Description:Bill & Maggie Joe, Chistochina, talking about Tulsona Creek area, mile 13, they want to build right behind there and mile 15 at Mary's pit. They found a lot of stuff along the river by mile 15, old fish camp. They found an old cabin right up along Mary's pit. 1920 used to see that cabin there, was the mail cabin. Used to be called Tulsona Bank. Tulsoe bese'. Mile 6 is another old village used to be.Tez' kaa? Mile 14 is where this is located up in the hill. They say lots of people bury there but nobody can find. Tultso bese'? Tulsona Creek Cemetary right near the Tulsona Creek . Gotta have someone go out with you to show you exactly where it is. map not gone help you. Right by Mary's pit there is a grave yard. My brother in laws grave there. mIle 14 is where that tez'kaa? is. Right up there on the hill. They say lots of people buried there but no one can find it. Which side of the creek is the village? Big village right on top that little hill. Te/l' kot/l? about mile up the road mile up the road by the corral. Grave yard about mile up from Tulsona Creek. Same one as before. Can you say who lived in the cabins? Old Adam's place. Nobody in there. Tulsona was important for the fish there. Nice fish there. When Chief Nicholai lived there it was before Adam? Yes. Chief was all ready there when Adam got there. 1942 Bill and Buster helped survey for the Public Road Administration. Cabins were there and were pushed aside by the road commission. Tulsona Creek discussion. Big fish camp down across that lake. They find lotta stuff down there. 1949 they had camp there. Story about the fish camp. nen' tsaa - Underground cache Used to use it for everything. Dry meat, dry fish, everything in it. It was like a refrigerator. We are trying to find out much Tulsona Creek is used by the people. Buster know more than we do. Indian don't bother each other. Who fished the creek by the mouth? Old Nicholai's daddy, all over Gakona people, Gakona George, Skookum John, Old Stickwan, Ena Snell's, Sanford Charley, Katie Sanford. Some clans history. Chitina people use eagle on their back because the eagle come up the canyon. Diits'iltsiine, Altse'naey - when they get mad they never change their mind. When was the last time someone used Skookum John's fish camp? 1944 and 1949. Story about using the camp. How old is the camp? 1922 I help build the camp. Explanation of areas around the Gakona area where there were fish camps and hunting areas, Skookum John's camp sites and trapping, hunting, and fishing areas. . Language as given: aht
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