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Title:Side A: Ernest Sanford Side B: Ruth Hicks
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Description:Side A; Ernest Sanford Jr. Chistochina Ernest Sanford, 30 years old. do you know what subsistence means? it means game and what kind of game you hunting. what does it mean to you? Have you ever had training in subsistence? When I was younger I was trained by my Grandma and Grandpa, Adam and Kate Sanford. Trap and hunt. Trained to get up early, get on the trap line. Taught me how to trap muskrat. Mostly grew up with them. Is subsistence important to you today? yeah, when the old people were around we ate everything. Porcupine, dry meat, dry muskrat, everything. Is it important to you today? yeah. Backscatter gonna ruin everybody. Drugs will come in, more booze. There won't be much subsistence around here. Do you think Indians think in a different way than non natives about subsistence? Yep, Indians got their own ways, old ways. Non natives got their own. We don't waste our meat, we give it away or do something with it. They got vehicles now. Long time ago they use dog team to go to Mount Sanford. Some think different about subsistence, some don't. Why do you think it has changed so much? Money, backscatter coming in. where the backscatter is going in is where I used to hunt. Do you think it is important for young people to know about traditional subsistence way? Yeah, keep them out of trouble by going hunting and camping. I grew up with the old people so I know pretty much. Do you think school changed the traditional way? Not much. Native gotta know white man way too. Backscatter going to make difference. Can't go within 8 miles from that place when they get it done. There is no way I can trap out there after that. Across the river where that park is, is where some of the old people used to trap now they can't go over there anymore. Good fishing up the Tulsona Creek. Go lake to lake for fishing. What would you recommend to the Air force to keep the problems down? build some place else. What do you think the old people did in the old days? Travel around. My Grandpa say he used to walk from here all the way to Palmer, Chickaloon. What kind of things Indians left behind and why would they pick a certain spot? My Grandpa would leave tea pot there, tin plates. he would put it in a barrel and then tell us where it is at. what would you look for when picking a spot to camp? Good hunting place, where there is a slope by a stream. by a good lake. Not to close to the lake though so that you don't scare animals off. Anything to say about backscatter. It is going to ruin us. Move it. Side B: Ruth Hicks Do you have a word in your language for subsistence? U'daghe' culese? How important is it to keep it alive? Very important. did you ever have training in subsistence by old people? Grew up watching my Mom and Dad do subsistence. They trained me to smoke dry meat. Taught to dry fish, ducks, pick berries everything. Wherever Mom and Dad move we go with them and we help them with the food. From first of August to end of September we out in the woods getting food for the winter. How old are you? 55 Do you think Indians think in a different way that non natives about subsistence? yes. what's the difference? To me lotta of them think that our wild animals are that important. They use it for trophy. We use it for our food. Lotta them use it for money. Non natives don't have respect for the animals. Non natives only use the horn and one quarter of the moose and let the rest rot. Natives don't do that. that is not respect for the moose. We don't leave nothing behind. Every part of moose is important to us. what changed the lifestyle? The laws. they come tell us we can't kill moose or fish at certain times. Our river is Slana river. Schools and alcohol helped changed the ways. Do you think the traditional ways will come back? If we, the old people, work with the kids it will. but when we start dying off, so will the old timer way. Is it important for the kids to learn the traditional ways? Yes. They want to learn it. they have fun out there. If the backscatter is built will it make a difference on the lifestyle? lotta change. how? The more people come up here, the less animals we gonna have now. The more hunters we have the less animals there going to be. You think the backscatter will effect the subsistence? yes. What can the Air Force do to keep the problem for subsistence down? Keep to themself. Why would they pick one place to camp? what would they look for? wherever they see lot of wood. they stay there for the winter. temporary camp for hunting, pick berries and all that. What would archaeologists look for when look for in old camps? . Language as given: aht
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