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Title:Side A: Robert John Side B: Eva John
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Description:Sdie A: Robert John Is there a word for subsistence in your language? Sentence in language. Who trained you in the old ways? My Dad and Mentasta Sam. how old are you? 55 can you tell me what they taught you? You were trained by Indians. Trap, hunt, teach me how to dry meat to put away for winter. In spring time they teach us how to dry muskrat, put fish away, grayling last us through summer while we hunt for big game. How to climb mountain how to get sheep, how to get close to sheep. How to put up fish rack, how to camp. they start you off young, around 4 a.m. they throw you out of bed. Uncle Frank teach us lot too. Frank is a good hunter. Is subsistence important to you? Yes it is. I really depend on moose, caribou and sheep meat right now. At 13 mile and Paxson those are really good hunting grounds. I'm proud but I'm thankful for the lifestyle. We don't want to give our lifestyle away. do you think Indians think different that non natives regarding the lifestyle? Yeah, non natives think about money, we think about our living. If I have to jail 20 years I will go out and get my moose meat. Don't think that we will change for a long time. Will you ever go back to walking? If we stop buying gas. I would rather walk to the camp. If the backscatter is built will it make a difference on your subsistence lifestyle? Yeah, leave it the way it is. Animals will move on to different place. Too many people, wherever there is too many people animal move from there. For old people it is subsistence but for like me I can still walk and that is subsistence to me. Boats, 4 wheelers and other ATV's would be good for the old people. Will the Air force people affect subsistence? If I have my way I would just tell them to keep out. It's not just today we have to think about, I think about my grandchildren, I think about my lifestyle. What would you recommend to them? Petition to go against it. I'll go against it all the way cause it is not too far from where we hunt. We should just leave it the way it is. Look at where you could pick berries. Look for lake where moose and caribou can drink water and eat. Easy to pack meat in when it dried and smoked. If there were places that were sacred to Indians? My Grandpa and Grandma used to pray in steam bath or they would go out in the woods. If you were to pray where would you go to pray? I would go to steam bath, purify myself. What kind of things would they leave behind in camps? Meat rack, couple empty cans, leave horns and stuff behind, we don't do that no more. Is there anything you would like to say? I'm glad they are giving us chance to say what we want to say. I would say leave our area alone. Side B: Eva John Eva John, 36, parents are Fred and Katie John Never had training it was the way of life. My Mom and Dad, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters taught me. Showed us how to set up camp, how to skin and dry the muskrat. Is it important to you? To me it important. it is not my way of life. It is important to me to go back to our old way of life. It gives us our identity. Just the way it makes you feel, it made me feel free. The way we feel inside of us. Do you think about the people before you and your grandparents? yes, it makes a difference. You know your ancestors have lived off the land and wandered around this country. I pass whatever I know on to my kids and let them work with their grandparents. Can a non native ever understand this? I think it comes from the heart. We feel from the heart for our country, our animals, our people and our subsistence. We are so limited on what we can do on our own land. The people who make the laws are only there for the money. Most of the problems is drugs and alcohol. Public impact, outisde impact forced us to change our way of life. It was imposed. There will be more people out there. We usually fish around there. We usually road hunt around that area. How would the road traffic increase affect subsistence? It would probably chase all the animals farther back. Would be harder to road hunt. What would look for when making a camp? Good water, food, berries, hunting. Depends on what you are hunting in regards to high or low place. Ruth Hicks: we move only three times a year. One in the spring for muskrat, one for summer fishing and stuff, and then fall time for moose. Is there anything else to say about subsistence? . Language as given: aht
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