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Title:Side A: Lena Charley Side B: Lillian Boston
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Description:Side A: Lena Charley What does subsistence mean to you? That was a new word to me. Something to know about. How do feel about subsistence? I feel like we gonna lose all the good things. when we get moose we clean everything out we never leave nothing. now when we go out we see bone and other things out there wasting away out there. Pretty soon we won't have all this. Is subsistence important to you? yes, cause help lot of people of what we need. Is it important in your life today? did you every trained by old people? yes, I watched the old people when I was a little kid. I listened quite a bit. My Mother was Dad and Mother for us. I learned quite a bit from what I hear. Learned how to hunt, trap and mush dogs. How to take care of meat and how to make everything last longer. Mother trained us. They don't use their head, their eye and their ear. They only learn to read and write. When we were kids we think about everything. Careful about everything and everybody. Indian way we say engii. Learned rules through engii. When the road was made caused some of the change. Schools changed things. do you think that Indian people will ever go back to that lifestyle? We still keep our way but not all. Lots of change in Natives. They don't try to keep their way. I don't know if they are going to go back to that way. Not much teach for the young people. Don't pass on too much information to young people. Lots don't know what we are doing. Do you think it is important for young people to learn the Indian way? they can go to school to learn to read and write but they need to learn our way. They got lots to learn yet. Kids don't know how to hunt like we do, we know how to survive, they don't. If the backscatter is built in the Ahtna region do you think it will make a difference on your lifestyle? If they keep their own way it wont' but if they don't it will make it harder. Do you think these backscatter will affect your lifestyle? yeah, I go out walk in the woods, kids can't walk like we do and did in the past. Me I think I gotta exercise to stay in shape. Have you ever used the area where the backscatter will be? We hunt muskrat there, trap, we see moose there. I know quite a bit down there. What kind of things that people would have done in that area? Trap line, hunting, hunt for muskrat. Everybody used to hunt muskrat. Berry picking, lotta cranberries and stuff. Fishing in Tulsona creek and this little creek. lotsa grayling in those two creeks. It will probably be bad for the fish. Why would you pick one place to camp? Indian way, it's gotta be hard ground so we don't burn the country. If the ground is too soft then it burns underground. Good place to make fire. Gotta be close to water. 100 feet from creek or water source. What would you leave behind? poles that you put up tent with, cans, Is there anything you would like to say about your lifestyle? Go out hunt and stuff. Discussion on this. Side B: Lillian Boston Lillian, 38 years old. What does the word subsistence mean to you? Life. A way of feeding my family. I believe that animals and ourselves interact with one another to feed each other. Do you have a word in Indian that means subsistence? To mean it means breath. do you think traditional subsistence has changed? Spiritually, I wonder. Do you think that the backscatter will affect the subsistence? Severely. do you think the Air Force will affect it? Yes, I do. I can still remember skinning the muskrat and eating the meat for food. I have a lot of concerns where they want to build the backscatter. We used to pick berries, fish, and hunt there. Where are we talking about? Fox Lake. Waking up to being so warm and watching your parents go out to get furs and berries and thinking that it would be another apple or orange for us. Lots of deep feelings regarding the back scatter. All of it has a lot of concerns for me. Subsistence - it is a potential place for fishing. People used to have fish traps there. If you think that the back scatter will affect the subsistence lifestyle what can the Air Force do to prevent problems? Educate their personnel how to respect other cultures. I am also concerned about the increased traffic. We have a high percentage of road kills here. I have seen animals die from starvation. Just the fact that I am concerned about the backscatter. There should be an orientation for the personnel to learn respect for how we live. . Language as given: aht
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