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Title:Side A: Pete Ewan Side B: Jack Justin
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Description:Side A: Pete Ewan, Subsistence Interview for back scatter do you have a word in your language for subsistence? couldn't get the word but it means what we been using. It means hunting, fishing everything. I gonna talk about our subsistence rights in Alaska. Hunting is our life time use, we raised up with it. We don't know what gone happen in future. Future looks kinda look bad to us Indian cause we see this kind of thing before. Talk about losing our lands and our rights to the land, hunting and fishing. Have you ever had any training from elders? They take me hunting, camping, and how to survive out there when we stuck without food. Subsistence is important to me and my wife. Three or four different way we put up fish for the winter. Help each other out to people who need fish in winter time. Do you think that Indians think in different way than non natives? Indian is one people and non native is different people. When they get together they two different people. Traditional subsistence-how did it change? the game law and the law really changed from our subsistence. they are spoiling Indians they got our subsistence turned around. Subsistence is that we are Indian we are Alaskan Natives. We are all the same, we eat the same and cook the same. the fish and wildlife is not working with the law. Do you think that your people will ever return to traditional lifestyle? Never will , it's gonna get worse. It gonna be tough on our young people. They trying to follow the non natives. Told them to follow the Native people but they turning the other way. Gonna get worse trouble for subsistence. Is it important for young people to learn the traditional subsistence way? they gotta learn it. They gotta learn to look after one another. they gonna get in lotta trouble. parents don't talk to their kids. I talk to my granddaughter, my son and daughter. Back scatter gone make it pretty tough on Indian, subsistence and hunting. After they get the land and build on it. I like see how our people like it. Do you ever use that area Mile 13? Subsistence place used to be there. that's where we used to hunt moose and caribou. they used to trap for fox, beaver. Use it for subsistence this river here. Tulsona creek had graying and big fish. Who used to fish there? Below mile 12. Gakona George, Skookum John. Who used to trap there? Skookum John, Nicholai. Good muskrat hunting place up there. Everything there moose even caribou. Is there places that you can name that was used for subsistence? Indian river for caribou and other game. What can the Air force do to keep the problems down? They gotta have meeting with villages. Gulkana, copper Center and Tazlina. See what kind of promise if they put backscatter up there. How they gonna do subsistence through the backscatter area. What can we do and we can't do. May month would be muskrat hunting time. Moose hunting season is when they hunt for moose there. What would you leave behind when you leave camp? poles, dishes, pots, pans, tents things that you will reuse. How would you know where to camp? Where there is a lot of trees, good hunting muskrat or moose place. Tracks would determine if it was good hunting place. Subsistence is really important for our people for our use. Side B: Jack Justin's home. Jack John Justin, Debae, Clan is Naltsiine, crow people, born in Shushana, 2/21/06 Mother's name Lucy Justin from Mentasta Father's name Jack John Justin, 25-30 south of Northway toward Nabesna. do you have a word in your language for subsistence? How you live. Nu'gaey, dze'dzelgii? What does subsistence mean to you? I like living that way. Don't care too much about the grocery. Subsistence keeps me strong. When I start to eat white man food I get lazy. Where you trained by old people to make a living like that? Yeah. Two, three days go out, don't take any food with us and we get what we need. you do this, do that. Get rabbit. roast meat on a fire, we got teach that. three, four days we spend out there. They watch us and come behind us to see how you do out there. Had good time, snare rabbit, kill squirrel, spruce hen. What does the Indian do different than the white man? Everything. We want take our family out camping and now we can't do it. Law's keep us from doing our subsistence. Indian never waste anything like white man do. White man do what Indian do. why did the Indian subsistence lifestyle change? Grocery change. BIA come build home for them, get them water and stuff like that. did the law change your ways? yeah, I don' t like that. Money changed lifestyle. Young people don't know nothing. don't know how to take care of anything. don't know nothing. will they ever go back? I would like to see them go back to the old ways. i try teach them. If the back scatter is built will it make a difference in lifestyle? I think so, it make our life different. make life pretty easy. If you made your own law for fish and game how would you make it? I would make a hunting season for just the old people. . Language as given: aht
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