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Title:Eleanore Dementi Interview Side A Darryl Dementi Interview Side B
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Description:Where were you born? Cantwell Who were your Mother and Father? Tammany and Dan Nicklie from Valdez Creek. How long have you lived here? All my life, except for school years and work years. The only way out of Cantwell was by train or airplane. There was no road except in the summer time. changes in Cantwell? Yes, lot more traffic, more people. Before the road system the only way to access Cantwell was by train or airplane. What has changed the lifestyle? Do you think it is important for kids to learn the traditional ways? I think it is important so that they can learn to support themselves with traditional foods. Indian people think in a different way than non natives do? I do, white people don't think like they do. They don't eat the same foods. We eat moose head, they think that is yucky. Is it different when they kill moose? Oh yeah, they bone the moose and just take the meat, we take everything. Would your husband hunt even if he worked for the state? Oh yeah. Why? Cause we are raised with the traditional foods and it taste good. When they were young they don't think of those things. When they hit 30 or 40 then everything will come back to them. Important to learn it now instead of later. Now it is not important to them. Everybody will be a subsistence user in later years. The kids of these young people now will suffer for not learning the traditional ways. Ahtna should close off hunting and trapping on all our lands. Berries are very important to the people. It is their dessert. What are some of the areas that are important to you for subsistence? Denali highway, cache creek, everywhere we hunt and gather berries. What lands should be protected? All the lands should be protected not just some, all of it!! What kind of program can you build for the impact of subsistence and drugs and alcohol? Counselor should be hired to go between these people who live here and those that are coming. There has got to be some kind of compensation for taking away our livelihood. Some kind of training program so that people will not be on welfare so much. Side B: Darrell Dementi, born in Anchorage. Who are your parents? Gilbert and Eleanore Dementi. Born in Anchorage. I don't see myself as living in a rural subsistence area. I see myself as more of a city type of lifestyle. Doing something rather than subsistence. I like and enjoy eating traditional foods but don't see myself as making it a priority to live off of. I'm not proud of not knowing my language. I really would like to know it. Pretty soon all that is going to be tagged on to it is that I'm Indian. Knowing the language is more important than not knowing it. I would feel better about myself if I knew more about the Indian language. I would pass it on to my kids. It is part of being Indian. People can start teaching their kids. Eskimos know their language. Start teaching the kids the language. It is really hard to speak Indian after 5 years old. I want to be taught the language. . Language as given: eng
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