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Title:John Billum Jr.
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Description:Is there a word for subsistence? Take only what you need. Some day you are going to have a hard time. don't over do it in taking food sources. Don't shoot animal for nothing, GOD will know it and take it away. Don't waste the food that GOD gave you. GOD is the head of game, if we started to waste then starvation will come, Indian rule, that to me is subsistence. His parents, John Billum and Mary Billum, trained him. Remembers Granddad. Fish camp on the other side of Lower Tonsina, Doc Billum. He used to run ferry up until 1910. He did lotta good for people. He was honest and all that. did you learn to build fish traps? Yes. Any other skills with subsistence? learned from Dad how to put up fish, how to make fish trap, how to hunt sheep. After putting that all up then went back to Kotsina country. Only way to keep salmon is to dry it and put it in the cache. Salmon oil was put up by cut the head off fish and run willow through the head and leave it in the creek for two or three weeks. Need to have new pot and put little water in it and boil it. Boil it for quite a while, then shut fire off, let it set and the oil will come to the top. Skim the oil off the top.Reboil the fish heads again and repeat the steps. Hundred heads in a big tub. Did you hunt sheep around here? I used to hunt sheep over in the Kotsina area but not here. There was hardly any sheep here. Is subsistence important to you today? I think so but it's up to fish and game. IT means a lot to me cause how we know everything is going to be okay. What our old folks teach us we still got it. Story about when white people came in 1898. Old man Nicholai was a Chief. Those people are trying to develop this country. We need to try and help them. It is all for the good. Did they make good to their promise to Nicholai? I think so. Is it important for the kids to learn traditional ways? Did the pipeline make it harder for kids to learn? No I don't think so. kids gotta learn the white man way. IT's also important to learn traditional ways too. I think we gotta learn both way. Can you do both? Yeah, sure. Most of the people down here are part Russian. Joe Goodlataw is 1/4 Russian. Russians say that cousins only go to third generation, but the Indians said no just keep it going. From Chief Nicholai up to now there has been change. Indians never want to marry into same clan. Molly is Tsisyu clan her clan follow paint. Dits'iiltsiine means coming through the canyon. Tsisyu came with Dits'illtsiine through the canyon. Explanation of different Indian groups. Sugar sdlaadzi instruction. Kentsii dzillit - Flat top mountain - Taghal ggaallaay is Taral mountain. . Language as given: aht
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