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Title:Nick Lincoln & Marina Montegue Interview 11/23/87 AT-93
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Description:Nicholas Lincoln Sr. lived in Copper Center village for 67 years- born at Wood Camp other side of Klutina - Clan is Tsisyu Parents names: Louie and Sophia Lincoln Louie came from Tonsina area, Sophia from Wood Camp, Grandpa came from up North, Grandma came from Tonsina Spent winters all over the place, 5th grade level education, went to Copper Center School, learned to speak English from white people down at the Copper Center Roadhouse, worked at the Roadhouse Learned to speak Ahtna language from everyone, Grandparents and parents Dad used to work in the summer doing all kinds of jobs, parents just tried to teach kids to do as they did 10 years old when he started school, no interest in school wanted to make a living Went to work for Alaska road construction in 1939, went to Anchorage in the 40's when they started working as an oiler at Elemendorf, lifestyle changes in 1940's, saw new things in Anchorage at the time, mostly happy in job, didn't think much of changes, explore more of new things, Thinks that the young people should learn the traditional ways if they have interest in it, thinks they should know about it, Moved from Wood Camp in the 1950's, kids had to go to school or be sent to boarding school, village had to be moved not because of traditional reasons, health nurse needed to check on kids health, people moved around to make their living by hunting and fishing Chiefs made laws for the village and people, looked after the whole village, had people work for them, keep people in order, how was a chief chosen? let Jim answer Places that are important to Ahtna history: fish camp rock had something to do with sleep doctor, wouldn't let kids play on it, Gene Nicholai's mother is buried behind the rock, Simpson lake about three miles behind Klutina hill- trapped for muskrats there and may have grave sites there Keeping family together when buried together- before then they cremated people who died - what had to be done by Indian law to make sure the person was buried right: materials today makes it right, old days they didn't have that, people volunteer to bring body back, volunteers helped to show love and respect to family, graves way far away because there was no one to bring body back, opposite clan take care of body for person, potlatch after funeral, the fence came from Russian Orthodox, they use the fence now to identify person How do you feel about archaeologists digging up grave sites and other ancient history markers? Nick didn't feel like it isn't right if it is for their own gain, Ahtna people should get something for what was taken from them, all graves should be preserved, relatives are buried there and should be protected. Suggestions on how to protect old historic sites: come to Ahtna people, village councils to ask for permission to disturb old historic sites Ways to study old sites but not make Ahtna people angry: people should know who will be doing the study, talk to village council president so s/he can call meeting to discuss the situation, someone that Ahtna people knows should do the study, nobody should disturb a grave, if a grave is moved then there should be a traditional potlatch and given money by the people moving it Problems: Trespassing, drugs and alcohol. At least two hundred people who don't understand Ahtna Indian way: Discrimination, people don't think the same anymore, respect for each other, they need to believe in our engii, playing around with our fish and animals, respect the land What word in Ahtna comes closest to the Backscatter? Nah'tes nelannae? How did Pipeline affect the Ahtna Indians? Drugs, alcohol, restriction to crossings on the pipeline, want to work for big money think that elders have to pay them big money, ruined the boys and men, prejudice, everything - good and bad for people Nick said that Ahtna people didn't gain anything, we actually lost a lot of land to pipeline . Language as given: aht
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