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Title:Sophie Lincoln
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Description:June and August go fishing across the river - dry fish and fish heads in the summer months, stayed all summer there fish head put in the ground with birch bark keep it under ground all winter - dry fish head and cook in winter August went up to the mountains to hunt sheep - dry the sheep by hanging it on the drying rack September month went down to the timberland to hunt moose - cook moose meat roasted by the fire Snare squirrels and wash the skin, smoke it and dry it. Make blankets and parka out of the squirrel skin. Her Father made things out of sheep horn - spoons, cups and other stuff Come home to Wood Camp - cut wood to be ready for winter Spring time they tan moose and sheep skin mon dosi? Made moccasins and mukluks out of sheep and moose skin Trapping start in October month - Tolsona area Made raft out of tsa'baeli to go across the river and lakes at Tolsona - had house there for the winter months Caribou meat in winter months when on trapline - hang meat cold enough to preserve meat When in the mountains at Klutina Lake there was fish - they put net in the lake -da'ghaay? Had little camp on the way home and stayed there one night Sold furs to a person named Mrs. Barnes - Marten, wolverine, red fox, wolf Beaver trapping in March month at Gulkana - snare in open ice - after April come back down When trapping diet consisted of tea, caribou, ptarmigan, rabbits, March or April month come home and stay until spring and then go fishing, hunt ducks, didn't eat duck eggs, hunt muskrat - shoot them, used them for eat and skin for moccasin and selling Spring time grayling fish was caught - used string and hook - no ice fishing Used duck feathers for pillows and quilts - one of her mallard duck quilts caught fire!! Spring time - ts'aas when snow gone and then after July - high gigi' after July put away in box in the ground. C'encaes - boil, little flour 1914 first time she saw fishwheel - they had dipnet made out of tsa'baeli Ne/l'go/lii - put in ground with eggs with birch bark around the sides close it up they put dry fish, eggs, heads everything in the ground to preserve with birch bark around the sides - soak in water and dry it and then put around the hole in the ground Pick berries - didn't save berries except for cranberries . Language as given: aht
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Subject:Ahtena language
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Subject (ISO639):aht


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