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Description:Fred Ewan talks about babies 0-5 years old. How they packed babies until they began to walk; used moss and grass for diapers; benes (swing) made out of blanket or caribou skin and rope. Used to travel with babies. Didn't need doctor to deliver babies. How nitsii/ (bark house) used to be at Crosswind Lake, how it was made. Babies' clothes, made by mothers. Babies didn't cry so much before. Ways to soothe baby. Water or soup inside rabbit skin, babies suck on it, stop crying. How to discipline or teach little kids. Who watched kids. Told a story about an accident that happened with a child up near Dry Creek. Got to watch kids. How Fred did with his own children. Susan told about a story about getting a moose. Fred said they packed babies around when they did everything. After they start walking (over 1 year old): what kind of clothes they wore. Put kids in a sled to pack them around with warm rabbit blanket. Crying baby sounds like a bear. Fred says he delivered David Gene. Women made certain place to have their babies, everything ready. Fred's kids born in hospital in Glennallen. Other way is better, nothing ties you down. Have to walk though. No toys. Moose fat from kneecap, put stick through, baby sucked on it, keeps it from crying. Food they ate a long time ago. Crosswind Lake was good place, had lots of animals. Big family lived out there. Caribou skin makes good mattress. How to train kids. Whiteman groceries bought from store. Everything cheap, earned money from trapping. Old days potlatch ways. . Language as given: eng
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