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Title:Interview with Joe Goodlataw
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Description:Joe Goodlataw Interview about Born in Taral, lived there 1910, His clan, Mother from Taral, Father came from Ketchikan he is Tlingit, What Taral was Like in 1881, after 1919 everyone moved out of Taral, Used to do trapping in Taral Cause they Had a Trading Post, Talks about His mother marring a Tsisyu, His mother got married times, Talks about wild Game not tasting How it used to, Talks about HorseCreek Mary, Talks about putting Fish under Ground for storage, Talks about dip netting, Talks about His first Fish Wheel, Talks about Doc billum, Talks about the jobs from when the highway was being put in, talks about what Chitina Was like after Kennecott mine closed, Talks about Schooling For the natives in 1920's, What makes a man Village Chief, a poor man Cant be a Chief, He Has to show what he has and how he made his living to the young and old people and to teach them how and if they dont do well get after them, the Chiefs wife is needs to teach the young girls to make moccasins, tan skin, take care of fish, pick berries, and teach them how to store for winter, same goes for the chief he needs to teach young men how to make snow shoes, hunting, and how to work hard, Village Chief needs to Help take care of each village not just his, if a Village chief Died the brother not the son Becomes Chief, Everyone always traveled, and had fun, they never ran out of food, Copper Center used to travel to Valdez,Talks about going down to Cordova area, Mile 126 on the Copper River Railroad, .
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DateStamp:  1991-04-18
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