Sample Metadata Record

XML format

<dc:contributor xsi:type="olac:role" olac:code="researcher">NDK</dc:contributor>
<dc:contributor xsi:type="olac:role" olac:code="consultant">BN</dc:contributor>
<dc:contributor xsi:type="olac:role" olac:code="consultant">PLH</dc:contributor>
<dc:contributor xsi:type="olac:role" olac:code="consultant">NQ</dc:contributor>
<dc:identifier xsi:type="dcterms:URI"></dc:identifier>
<dc:identifier>RJ P13-0381:1</dc:identifier>
<dc:publisher>Nicole Kruspe</dc:publisher>
<dc:subject>Conversation - Test004</dc:subject>
<dc:subject xsi:type="olac:language" olac:code="sza">Semelai</dc:subject>

Display format

 Title  SZANKVD160719_03
 Contributor (researcher)  NDK
 Contributor (consultant)  BN
 Contributor (consultant)  PLH
 Contributor (consultant)  NQ
 Coverage  Malaysia
 Date   2016-07-19
 Description  Conversation
 Format  audio/x-wav
 Format  video/mp4
 Identifier (URI)
 Identifier  RJ P13-0381:1
 Publisher  Nicole Kruspe
 Publisher  RWAAI
 Subject  Conversation - Test004
 Subject (ISO639-3)  Semelai [sza], Semelai
 Type  audio
 Type  video

Metadata quality analysis

OLAC metadata records are scored for metadata quality on a 10-point scale explained in OLAC Metadata Metrics. The score for the above record (along with comments on changes that could improve the score) is as follows:

Component + - Comments
Title   1   0 
Date   1   0 
Agent   1   0 
About   1   0 
Depth   1   0 
Content Language   0   1  Add a dc:language element with an ISO 639-3 code to identify the language in which the resource is written or spoken.
Subject Language   1   0 
OLAC Type   0   1  Add a dc:type element that uses the OLAC linguistic-type encoding scheme to identify the type of the resource from a linguistic point of view.
DCMI Type   0   1  Add a dc:type element that uses the DCMIType encoding scheme to identify the generic type of the resource.
Precision   0.67   0.33  For the full score, make use of at least one more encoding scheme in addition to the ones counted explicitly in other components of the score. For instance,
  • use dcterms:W3CDTF on dc:date (or its refinements)
  • use dcterms:IMT on dc:format
  • use dcterms:Box or dcterms:Point or dcterms:TGN on dcterms:spatial
Quality score  6.67