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ISO 639-3: ndl

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Other known names and dialect names: Mosange, Ndoolo, Tando

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Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEGlottolog 5.0 Resources for Ndolo. n.a. 2024. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:glottolog.org:ndol1238

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINENdolo: a language of Democratic Republic of the Congo. n.a. 2018. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:ndl
  2. ONLINEstory about the rat who cannot be trapped, told by Jorge Nlapa. Jorge Nlapa; Maud Devos. 2005-06-02. Maud Devos. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1202254
  3. ONLINEstory about twins by Jorge Nlapa. Jorge Nlapa; Maud Devos. 2005-04-01. Maud Devos. oai:soas.ac.uk:MPI1201616
  4. ONLINEEnquête Dialectale de l’Ubangi et de la Mongala, Région de l’Equateur, République du Zaïre. Fultz, Jim; Morgan, David. 2017. SIL International. oai:sil.org:69473

Other resources in the language

  1. ONLINEHet gebied der Kalana fat of vier Radja's in Westelijk Nieuw-Guinea. Clercq, F. S. A. de (Frederik Sigismund Alexander), 1842-1906. 1889. Leiden : Brill. oai:pacific.library.manoa.hawaii.edu:521792
  2. ONLINEDe Fidjitaal vergeleken met hare verwanten in Indonesië en Polynesië. Kern, H. (Hendrik), 1833-1917. 1886. Amsterdam, J. Müller. oai:pacific.library.manoa.hawaii.edu:878960
  3. ONLINENoemfoorsch woordenboek. Hasselt, J. L. van, 1839-1930. 1947. Amsterdam, H. de Bussy. oai:pacific.library.manoa.hawaii.edu:881631
  4. ONLINEEnkele hoofdstukken uit het sociaal-religieuze leven van een Dani- groep = Some chapters from social-religious life of a Dani-group. Peters, H. L., 1923-. 1965. Venlo : Dagblad voor Noord-Limburg N.V. oai:pacific.library.manoa.hawaii.edu:1022179

Other known names and dialect names: Mosange, Ndoolo, Tando

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