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ISO 639-3: men

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Other known names and dialect names: Boumpe, Hulo, Ko, Kossa, Kosso, Kpa, Sewawa, Waanjama

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Primary texts

  1. ONLINEThe Bible in Mende. n.a. n.d. B.F.B.S. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_men_gen-1
  2. ONLINEThe Bible in Mende. n.a. n.d. B.F.B.S. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_men_gen-2

Lexical resources

  1. ONLINECrúbadán language data for Mende. Kevin Scannell. 2018. The Crúbadán Project. oai:crubadan.org:men

Language descriptions

  1. Language dissertations, numbers 20-25. Aginsky, Ethel G. (Ethel Gertrude), 1910-; Johnson, Oscar Emanuel; Sugden, Herbert W; Berkooz, Moshe; Herr, Margaret Whilldin; Watkins, Mark Hanna. n.d. Language dissertation ; no. 20-25. oai:gial.edu:15242
  2. A Mende grammar. Innes, Gordon. 1962. London : Macmillan. oai:gial.edu:24295
  3. The Mende language : containing useful phrases, elementary grammar, short vocabularies, reading materials. Migeod, Frederick William Hugh, 1872-. 1908. London : K. Paul, Trench, Trüber & co., ltd. oai:gial.edu:24296
  4. Basic course in Mende. Spears, Richard A. 1967. [Evanston, Ill.] : Northwestern University. oai:gial.edu:45652
  5. ONLINEGlottolog 5.0 Resources for Mende (Sierra Leone). n.a. 2024. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:glottolog.org:mend1266
  6. ONLINEPHOIBLE 2.0 phonemic inventories for Mende (Sierra Leone). n.a. 2019. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. oai:phoible.org:mend1266
  7. ONLINEWALS Online Resources for Mende. n.a. 2022. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:wals.info:mde
  8. ONLINEWOLD Resources for Mende. n.a. 2013. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:wold.clld.org:209

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINEA Grammar of the Mende Language. Aginsky, Ethel G. 1935. Linguistic Society of America. oai:refdb.wals.info:2118
  2. ONLINEA Practical Introduction to Mende. Innes, Gordon. 1971. School Of Oriental and African Studies. oai:refdb.wals.info:3619
  3. ONLINEMende: a language of Sierra Leone. n.a. 2018. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:men
  4. ONLINELINGUIST List Resources for Mende. Damir Cavar, eLinguistics Foundation Board Member (editor); Malgorzata E. Cavar, Director of Linguist List (editor). 2022-05-31. The LINGUIST List (www.linguistlist.org). oai:linguistlist.org:lang_men
  5. Alphabets of Sierra Leone – Country Introduction from Alphabets of Africa. Coomber, Ajayi. 1993. UNESCO and Summer Institute of Linguistics. oai:sil.org:5151
  6. ONLINEUniversal Declaration of Human Rights. n.a. n.d. The Rosetta Project: A Long Now Foundation Library of Human Language. oai:rosettaproject.org:rosettaproject_men_undec-1

Other known names and dialect names: Boumpe, Hulo, Ko, Kossa, Kosso, Kpa, Sewawa, Waanjama

Other search terms: dialect, vernacular, discourse, stories, conversation, dialogue, documentation, lexicon, dictionary, vocabulary, wordlist, phrase book, grammar, syntax, morphology, phonology, orthography

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