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ISO 639-3: blz

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Other known names and dialect names: Balanta, Kosian

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Primary texts

  1. Balantak [language text]. Busenitz, Marilyn J.; Busenitz, Robert L. 1990. Language Data, Asian-Pacific Series. oai:sil.org:4592

Lexical resources

  1. ONLINECrúbadán language data for Balantak. Kevin Scannell. 2018. The Crúbadán Project. oai:crubadan.org:blz
  2. Porobuan sandaʾ ilio tia wurung Balantak = Percakapan sehari-hari dalam bahasa Balantak = Daily conversations in Balantak. Abas, Husen; Andersen, T. David; Summer Institute of Linguistics. 1991. Publikasi UNHAS-SIL. Seri A ; jil 8. oai:gial.edu:7094
  3. ONLINEKamus Balantak. n.a. 2016-12-02. SIL International. oai:webonary.org:20

Language descriptions

  1. ONLINEGlottolog 4.1 Resources for Balantak. n.a. 2019. Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. oai:glottolog.org:bala1315
  2. ONLINEA Grammar of Balantak: A Language of Eastern Sulawesi. Busenitz, Robert L.; Berg, René van den. 2012. SIL e-Books 40. oai:sil.org:49492
  3. ONLINEWALS Online Resources for Balantak. n.a. 2013. Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. oai:wals.info:blk

Other resources about the language

  1. ONLINEBalantak Phonology and Morphophonemics. Busenitz, R. L.; Busenitz, M. J. 1991. Studies in Sulawesi linguistics 2. oai:refdb.wals.info:1431
  2. ONLINELexicostatistic and sociolinguistic survey of Balantak and Andio. Busenitz, Robert L. 1991. Workpapers in Indonesian Languages and Cultures. oai:sil.org:37731
  3. Porobuan sandaʼ ilio tia wurung Balantak. Busenitz, Robert L. (editor); Peding, Wahab (editor); Pontob, Z. (editor). 1991. Universitas Hasanuddin, Universitas Tadulako and Summer Institute of Linguistics. oai:sil.org:38440
  4. Marking focus in Balantak. Busenitz, Robert L. 1994. NUSA: Linguistic Studies of Indonesian and Other Languages in Indonesia. oai:sil.org:37443
  5. Pemarkah fokus dalam bahasa Balantak. Busenitz, Robert L. 1987. Lontara. oai:sil.org:37761
  6. ONLINEUNHAS-SIL : more Sulawesi sociolinguistic surveys 1987-1991. Friberg, Timothy (editor). 1991. Summer Institute of Linguistics in cooperation with the Department of Education and Culture. oai:sil.org:61262
  7. Some beliefs and practices of Balantak traditional religion. Busenitz, Marilyn J. 1993. Publications in Ethnography 31. oai:sil.org:7971
  8. Spatial deixis in Balantak. Busenitz, Marilyn J.; Busenitz, Robert L. 1992. Department of Linguistics, Chulalongkorn University. oai:sil.org:37376
  9. Balantak phonology and morphophonemics. Busenitz, Marilyn J.; Busenitz, Robert L. 1991. NUSA: Linguistic Studies of Indonesian and Other Languages in Indonesia. oai:sil.org:37687
  10. Notes on Balantak kinship terminology. Busenitz, Robert L. 1993. Publications in Ethnography 31. oai:sil.org:7989
  11. The Saluan-Banggai micro group of eastern Sulawesi. Mead, David. 2003. Pacific Linguistics. oai:sil.org:37692
  12. ONLINEBalantak: a language of Indonesia. n.a. 2018. SIL International. oai:ethnologue.com:blz
  13. ONLINELINGUIST List Resources for Balantak. Damir Cavar, eLinguistics Foundation Board Member (editor); Malgorzata E. Cavar, Director of Linguist List (editor). 2020-04-08. The LINGUIST List (www.linguistlist.org). oai:linguistlist.org:lang_blz

Other known names and dialect names: Balanta, Kosian

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