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Repository NameLAPSyD
InstitutionCNRS and University of New Mexico
Short LocationLyon, FRANCE
SynopsisThis OAI/OLAC metadata repository gives a metadata record for every language entry in the Lyon-Albuquerque Phonological Systems Database (LAPSyD) database. LAPSyD is a searchable database wich provides phonological information (inventories, syllable structure and prosodic patterns) on a wide sample of the world's languages.
AccessEach language entry described in this repository is a public Web page that may be accessed without restriction. Reuse of material on the site is subject to the Terms of Use shown on the LAPSyD site.
ParticipantsMaddieson, Ian (Creator), Flavier, Sébastien (Developer), Marsico, Egidio (Editor), Pellegrino, François (Editor)
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OAI Version2.0
OLAC Version1.1
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