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Repository NameTALKBANK Data repository
InstitutionCarnegie Mellon University
Location5000 Forbes ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
Short LocationPittsburgh, USA
SynopsisTalkBank is an international system for the exchange of transcripts of communicative interactions linked to audio or video media.
Submission PolicyCHILDES and TalkBank happily accept archival submissions of transcript corpora of conversational interactions. Interactions involving young children are included in CHILDES. Interactions involving older children and adults are included in TalkBank. Corpora are further divided into collections by language and interest areas (aphasia, bilingualism, classroom, legal, etc.). All corpora must eventually be entered in CHAT format and must pass through XML validation of this format. In many cases, we are willing to work with contributors to reformat their data into CHAT. Because this formatting can involve significant work on our part, we place a priority on contributions that include audio or video materials. However, we are interested in including non-linked materials and materials without media when the corpora themselves are intrinsically interesting. Guidelines for contribution can be found at
ParticipantsBrian MacWhinney (Organizer)
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