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SynopsisThe SIL International Language and Culture Archives holds published and unpublished works by members of SIL International and works produced by a publishing unit of SIL. This catalog lists over 20,000 items including books, journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, conference presentations, datasets, and other works about languages and cultures, as well as items written in the languages studied, such as literacy primers, books on basic education topics (health, math, social studies), story books, and translated works. The materials date from 1935 to the present.
AccessLinks are given to publications that are directly accessible via the Internet. Recent SIL publications may be purchased from SIL International Publications (Publications_Intl AT, either in paper or in electronic form. Out-of-print SIL publications may be obtained by special order. All materials may be viewed by visiting the Archives by appointment during normal business hours.
Submission PolicyThe SIL International Language and Culture Archives accepts submissions from active and retired SIL staff in the areas of language and culture documentation and description, and language development. Under some circumstances, the Archives will also accept materials from former staff and persons more casually associated with SIL language work, if such materials relate to research done with the assistance of SIL or its staff, and there is not a more appropriate institution able to accept and curate the materials long-term. Please address any questions to the Archives by sending email to archive_dallas AT
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