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Multimodal Learning and teaching Corpora Exchange

Repository NameMultimodal Learning and teaching Corpora Exchange
InstitutionUniversite Blaise Pascal
Short LocationClermont-Ferrand, France
SynopsisThe main purpose of this collection is to share Learning and Teaching Corpora (LETEC) within the scientific community involved in mediated Interaction Analysis in on-line learning situations. See for more details
AccessMulce corpora are available online under a by-nc-sa CreativeCommons licence; The intended audience is Researchers or teachers in educational sciences or linguistics. See for documentation.
ParticipantsMarie-Noelle Lamy (Contributor), Marie-Laure Betbeder (Contributor), Maud Ciekanski (Contributor), Christophe Reffay (Curator), Ciara R. Wigham (Publications Manager)
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