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MMM - Multi-Modal Media File Server

Repository NameMMM - Multi-Modal Media File Server
InstitutionIdiap Research Institute
Short LocationMartigny, Switzerland
SynopsisThe Multi-Modal Media File Server (MMM) at Idiap is the primary means for the AMI and IM2 research consortia to distribute multimodal corpora, and in particular corpora of meeting recordings with audio, video, transcripts, slides and several types of annotations. The MMM Server enables browsing or downloading in a variety of formats, but large volumes of data (media files) are best transferred by shipping storage units to and from Idiap. Several tools and evaluation resources are also available on MMM.
AccessSome resources on MMM are freely accessible, while others are accessible to registered users only. Registration is open to all users for some resources, but restricted to project members for others. The public resources (for registered or unregistered users) are generally available under a license similar to the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 2.5 License (
Submission PolicyThe hosting of external resources on MMM, accompanied by an access policy that suits their creators and the hosting institution, is currently under study.
ParticipantsAnonymous Redirect (Generic MMM Administrator), Bastien Crettol (Systems Engineer), Andrei Popescu-Belis (Work Package Leader)
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