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Repository NameCalifornia Language Archive
InstitutionUniversity of California, Berkeley, Department of Linguistics
LocationSurvey of California and Other Indian Languages, 1311 Dwinelle Hall, University of California, Berkeley
Short LocationBerkeley, CA, USA
SynopsisThe California Language Archive (CLA) is a physical and digital archive for materials related to the Indigenous languages of the Americas, housed in the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages (founded in 1953). As of 2022, the CLA holds some 400 collections representing approximately 500 languages, including ones outside of the Americas represented in the projects of Berkeley linguists. The CLA's core missions are documentation, preservation, and access and outreach. Our catalog also includes sound recordings held by the Hearst Museum of Anthropology.
AccessPhysical materials are available for on-site research. These include originally analog audiovisual recordings (except those held by the Hearst Museum), and paper and photographic materials. Access to born-digital and digitized materials can be granted remotely.
ParticipantsRonald Sprouse (Database Administrator), Zachary O'Hagan (Manager)
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