Third Party Extensions

Date issued:2002-12-04
Status of document:Draft Informational Note. This is only a preliminary draft that is still under development; it has not yet been presented to the whole community for review.
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This document lists third-party metadata extensions that are known to be compatible with the OLAC Metadata standards. They have not attained the status of OLAC Recommendations, but data providers are encouraged to try any that seem relevant to the nature of their collection.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Third party extensions
  3. Hypothetical third party extensions

1. Introduction

The OLAC Metadata standard [OLAC-Metadata] follows the generic resource description standard known as "Qualified Dublin Core" [DCQ], and supports a powerful extension mechanism described in [OLAC-Extensions]. Any party may develop their own metadata extension and use it in OLAC metadata records. This document lists the third-party extensions which are known to work with OLAC Metadata. Each extension is described in terms of a title and the following five attributes:


The symbolic name that is used as the value of the xsi:type attribute to indicate that the extension is being used in a metadata element.


The latest revision date of the extension or its controlled vocabulary.

Applies to

The Dublin Core elements with which the extension may be used.


A summary description of what the extension is used for.


A link to a complete document that defines and exemplifies the extension. If the extension involves a controlled vocabulary, the document should also enumerate and define the terms of the vocabulary.

2. Third party extensions

There are currently no third-party extensions.

3. Hypothetical third party extensions

The following hypothetical third party extensions are provided as examples:


[DCQ]Dublin Core Qualifiers.
[OLAC-Extensions]Recommended metadata extensions
[OLAC-Metadata]OLAC Metadata.